Winter Garden Plants: 5 Amazing Garden Plants For Nashville Winters

Winter garden plants can add splashes of color among the whites, greens, and browns of the cold season. Snowdrops, winter jasmine, hellebore, camellia, and winter honeysuckle are 5 amazing winter plants for gardens. They are durable, hardy plants that don’t need much maintenance to beautify your Nashville home.

You can learn more about these plants as Rachel decides which ones she wants for her Nashville garden.

“It’s time to see if these recommendations are worth it,” Rachel says aloud.

In her hand, she has a list of 5 winter garden plants her friend Ashley is recommending she get. Apparently they can “make your garden look ah-maze-ing during winter.” Rachel smiles to herself at the “ah-maze-ing” inside joke she and Ashley share.

But anyways, Rachel is about to go to her nearby garden center to see what she can find out about these plants. 

She puts the list in her purse, slides into her car, and drives it on down to the garden center.

Finding The Right Plants

Rachel pulls up to the garden center and hops out of her car. She walks inside and looks around for a team member to talk to. It’s the easiest way to find answers and the plants she is looking for.

Rachel spots a team member and walks over to ask for her help. “Excuse me, hi I’m Rachel and I’m wondering if you can help me…” she pauses to read the nametag, “…Sarah.”

“Oh of course Rachel! You can ask me anything and I will do my best to help,” Sarah says smilingly.

“Great! What do you know about snowdrops?”

1. Snowdrops

“Ah, here we are. Snowdrops,” says Sarah with satisfaction:

Snowdrops are one of the best winter garden plants

“Wow, they’re beautiful!” Rachel says in appreciation. The drooping white bulbs have a delicate look that can brighten almost any garden.

“Now, snowdrops are one of the winter garden plants that like partial shade and sun. You can plant them in almost any part of your garden but they work best in well-drained soil. They grow to about 6 inches tall, which is why they work best in clumps. Makes them easier to see.”

“They are delightful! Ok, next is winter jasmine, do you have any or know anything about them?” Rachel asks. “We actually do have some! Right, this way.”

2. Winter Jasmine

“The yellow pops so splendidly!” Rachel says in wonder.

“Winter Jasmine is a spreading shrub with bright yellow flowers throughout it. It’s great for ground cover on sloping areas or put it on a raised structure and watch as it cascades downwards like a waterfall of gold,” Sarah describes.

“They love sunny areas with well-drained soil. Occasional trimming is necessary to keep it looking good and you’ll need to train it if you want it to climb up or down something.”

Winter jasmine a bright yellow winter garden plant

“Hmmm,” Rachel pauses for a moment. “I guess I can do that. The fence could use a little color to make it pop, but…I’ll think about it. Do you carry, um, hellebore?”

“I believe so,” replies Sarah. “If it’s anywhere in this garden center it’ll be over there.”

3. Hellebore

“We actually have a few different types of this winter garden plant.”

Purplish hellebore in a garden

“So that’s why they have such a range in color,” Rachel observes. “Exactly,” Sarah replies excitedly, “and they can also change color depending on how cold it gets.”

“They can take a little more work to get them going, but after you do they pretty much take care of themselves. And they look fantastic! They need partial shade, so planting them under trees is ideal. Oh, but don’t let people touch them as they can cause skin irritation.”

“Well, I guess that means animals don’t like them either,” Rachel correctly guesses. “Correct. Now, what’s next on your list of winter garden plants?”

4. Camellia

“Oh, camellias! Quite a lovely choice. Right this way, please.”

Sarah leads Rachel over to where the beautiful pink flowers are. “Oh, my. These are definitely coming home with me. So far Ashley has made some amazing recommendations.”

Beautiful pink camellia one of the best winter garden plants

“The difference with this one is that it does take some work to grow it correctly. You can lessen the work by planting it correctly. I have some in my garden at home and they make the whole place look amazing. By far my favorite winter flower.”

“Then I will have to consider whether the extra work is worth it or not,” Rachel replies, unsure of what she will decide. It is a beautiful flower, but the work isn’t something she knows if she wants.

“Well, let’s look at the last one on my list: winter honeysuckle.”

5. Winter Honeysuckle

“Do you smell the lovely aroma they give off?”

Winter honeysuckle with gold and white flowers

“Oh my, that’s delicious!” Rachel responds enthusiastically. “If you plant them in full or partial sun with slightly wet soil this plant will thrive! You may have to prune it a lot unless you want it growing it’s fully 6-10 foot height and width.”

“Is that all? Well, I just might have to get this one too. Thank you for all of your help, Sarah! I’ll definitely come back with my husband and a complete list of exactly which of these winter garden plants I want.”

Sarah thanks her and heads out into the nursery while Rachel hurries home to get her husband’s opinion too.

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