Why We Recommend Using a Skimmer for Your Home Water Feature

/Why We Recommend Using a Skimmer for Your Home Water Feature

Ponds, waterfalls, and water features add aesthetic value to your space and, with some planning, can be easily maintained for continued enjoyment throughout the season.

Low maintenance is the key reason we’re fans of the skimmer!

Any water feature will act as a dirt trap. Wind carries dust and debris that is captured by the surface of the water – dust and debris that will soon settle to the bottom of your pond and turn into pond scum. Removing this pond scum can mean draining your pond – a costly and time-consuming project.

Luckily, there’s a way to avoid all of that headache! The skimmer is aptly named since it moves the surface water to create a skimming action, preventing the pond debris from sinking to the bottom of your pond. As an added bonus, the skimmer is placed (and hidden) outside of your water feature, making maintaining the filter itself a breeze. And, since the skimmer keeps the water clean and safe, we’re pretty sure your koi fish will be happy with the decision as well.

A filter is necessary to create circulation and to provide filtration for your water feature – so why not go with one that’s low maintenance? If you have questions about your current filter or are thinking of getting a new water feature for your home, give JVI Secret Gardens a call at 615-479-4233 and let’s talk water!