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Pond care should be relatively simple. With the skimmer system that we recommend, your time investment should be about 15 minutes a month. A skimmer is similar to what you would see at a pool. It is a covered vault with a basket in it with water flowing through it. It collects all the debris from the pond and holds it in the basket until you empty it.

There is also the annual pond cleaning. Usually, this is done in the spring. It involves draining the water out of the pond (the fish go into a covered holding tank), power washing the rocks, cleaning out any debris, checking all the underwater lights, making sure everything works properly, cleaning out the skimmer unit and biofilter, fertilizing the plants if needed and then filling it back up. We will add water conditioner with de-chlor.

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The fall process involves netting the pond. This is a great time to divide any overgrown plants as well. Many of our clients have us reclean the entire pond so it looks great all winter long. We can also clean out just the filters and skimmers for the winter. Click here to request pond maintenance or cleaning.

Fall Netting

Fall netting is an easy process. A net is stretched across the pond and anchored with rocks and/or pins. It is best not to have the net resting on the water surface since it will be difficult to remove with all the debris on it. Once all the leaves have fallen then the net is removed for the winter.

Leaving your water running or turning it off for the winter is a matter of preference. You will just need to be certain that there is a hole in the ice for the fish and plant gases to escape. A heater about the size of a frisbee can be added if you live in an area where the water freezes completely. A good air disk or stone will also work well.



– Drain pond down to six inches in depth.
– Remove fish and place in large containers with original pond water.
– Drain remainder of pond and power wash pond and stream/waterfall.
– Remove debris from the pond bottom.*.Clean all filter pads, lava rocks, biofalls, skimmer and pump as needed.
– Clean all light lenses and inspect for burned out bulbs.**
– Make necessary minor adjustments to rocks if needed.
– Fertilized all potted plants. ***
– Add dechlorinator if needed and start the pond filling.
– Re-introduce fish.

OPTIONS: Install EcoCarbon and Barley bails into each Aquascape biofalls. If you have multiple biofalls, each will contain carbon and Barley mats. Should your pond have no biofalls, Ecocarbon and barley mats will not be installed. We can install activated carbon and barley bails if you like, for an additional fee.

NOTES: *The majority of debris is to be removed. If the pond is ‘sterilized’, by removing all living bacteria, etc., the established ecosystem will be destroyed. . **All burned out underwater bulbs will be replaced at an additional fee. ***Plants will be divided and repotted upon your request for an additional fee.


– Remove and clean all filter pads, lava rocks, and nets or baskets.
– The biofalls will be completely drained and vacuumed clean.
– Re-install all the above and restart the pond.
– We can install activated carbon and barley bails if you like, for an additional fee.


– Bacteria for biofalls (1 lb. dry) – helps keep pond clean
– String Algae Buster (prevents string algae) – 7 lb. pale
– Aquatic plant fertilizer tabs – 1 lb. jar
– Ecoblast – Removes string algae from rocks- 7lb. pale
– Additional Skimmer Net (for easy replacement & cleaning)
– New skimmer filter mat (should be replaced every year)
– LED Lighting – Last longer and save electricity
– Pond aeration system – Keeps hole in ice and fish love it
– Copper Ionizer – Prevents algae from growing in your pond. (pea soup and string algae)


Fun fact: We’ve got clients whose cleanings cost a few thousand!

On average, our crew is able to clean about 3 ponds a day. The average price of a pond cleaning is about $800.

The base price of a pond cleaning is $750.

The average price of a pondless water feature cleaning is $600.

The base price is $500.

For a basic outdoor fountain, our base cleaning is $350.

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