Water Cleanliness in My Home Water Feature

/Water Cleanliness in My Home Water Feature

Water cleanliness is just as important as rock placement and landscaping around your home water feature or koi pond. Dirty water can turn your gorgeous investment into an eyesore! Luckily, JVI Secret Gardens can supply some fairly easy fixes that, with just a little maintenance, will keep your water feature clean throughout the year.

Water Cleanliness 1First, we have to evaluate what’s causing the water to be dirty. Typically we see a lack of maintenance in the mechanical or biological filter (or just a total lack thereof!), the pond hasn’t been cleaned recently , or the pond doesn’t have any rocks, gravel, fish, or plants.

Some easy fixes for these problems include replacing old filter media or by simply cleaning your pond of leaves and debris. Fish and plants are easy additions, also, and don’t require major construction. Adding koi fish and plants will create an ecosystem in your water feature that will use up the nutrients in your feature causing the dirty or smelly water. It’s a win-win for the homeowner and the fish!

If your existing pond utilizes a pump at the bottom, adding a skimmer will greatly reduce your dirty water. Pumps easily clog and aren’t readily accessible for the homeowner. In most cases, a skimmer can be installed to an existing pond without rebuilding the entire project. The skimmer is a mechanical filter so it will remove waste from your pond by having the pump draw water through a rigid basket and filter pad.

Adding a biofalls filters will help keep your water clean on a daily basis. This filter colonizes beneficial bacteria which will break down the pond waste created by your feature and decaying plants. Once these bi-products are broken down through the nitrogen cycle, they are ultimately returned to the atmosphere. A biofalls filter will need professional attention twice a year by a professional for cleaning.

Finally, as discussed above, rocks and gravel are a naturally occurring filter. The more surface area your water feature contains equals more surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and break down pond waste – leading to a better quality of water. Since rocks and gravel also make your pond look more natural and integrated into the landscape, this addition not only benefits your pond water, it also benefits your feature aesthetically.

Have questions about your water fall or any of the filters we mentioned? Be sure to contact us! We service Nashville, TN and surrounding areas and are happy to help with dirty water or the addition of a new water feature.