Underwater Pond Lighting Will Change How You See Your Pond

Lighting Up Your Koi Pond Could Be Your Next Big Project For Enhancing Your Nashville Home

When you add led under water lights to your pond you have two ponds. Your daytime pond and your night time pond. Living the night life!https://jvisecretgardens.com/

Posted by JVI Secret Gardens on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Underwater pond lighting will make your pond experience better than you realize. Seeing your pond lit up at night is magical, as you can see from these pictures. If you want to make it even better you can also put lights around your pond and create a beautifully lit setting to enjoy.

You can see how it looks in people’s backyards near you in this post.

I’m Not Swimming With The Fishes!

“After what happened last night we are doing something about our dark pond!”

Danny looks up from the stove as Danielle storms angrily into their kitchen. After last night he doesn’t blame her. She went outside to look for their dog, who was being a bad boy and not coming in, and almost slipped into their koi pond.

Pond in Gallatin

“Do you have anything in mind,” he asks carefully.

“Yes. I went online and found out about underwater pond lighting. We can get a quote for pond lighting later. Here’s what I found out and some pictures,” Danielle says, handing Danny her phone.

This is what Danny reads about koi pond lighting.

Underwater Pond Lighting

“Wow, these pictures are amazing!” Danny says in amazement:

Urns lit up in recreation pond by underwater lights

Underwater pond lighting basically creates another pond once night falls. Some important bits to know about this type of lighting are:

  • If you have fish don’t use too many lights
  • Use stainless steel or polycarbonate fixtures only
  • LEDs are the best kind of bulb to use (you can change the colors!)
  • It does add a bit more to maintain
  • Water breaks light up in weird ways so placement is a trial-and-error process

Danny appreciates the tips but doesn’t understand the why behind a couple of them.

Using too many lights with fish can warm up the water too much for them. The exception to this rule are LED lights. They don’t get as hot as other bulbs so you can have a few more.

Underwater pond lighting and some landscape lighting around it

The stainless steel and polycarbonate fixtures hold up well and don’t have toxins that can leak into your pond water.

“What are you nodding and smiling at?” Danielle asks curiously. Danny tells her it’s the color-changing bulbs because he thinks it’d be really cool to have.

He scrolls down to see what else Danielle found out about underwater pond lights.

Lighting A Water Feature From Under The Water

It. Isn’t. Easy.

You have to go in with a plan. Think about where you and other people see the pond from, where the lights should point, and how you want your pond to look.

Even then there’s still a major problem: the water.

Backyard pond

Water bends lights like kids bend bendy straws. The light can end up pointing in a direction you don’t expect or like, so that’s what makes it a trial-and-error process. The best thing to do is use a waterproof flashlight as a stand-in and test out where the water points the light.

As for the right number of lights, it’s about ½ to ⅓ more than most people guess. Rocks, the pond liner, and the surrounding area tend to be dark enough to absorb the light, meaning you’ll need more lights than you think.

Danny knows that will cost more but it’ll be worth it when Danielle sees their pond lit up beautifully.

Is The Project A Go?

Danny sighs as he thinks about trying to test out the lights. It would take hours spread across a few days to try and get everything right, and that’s not including installing the actual lights.

He could spend all this time and energy doing it or he could contact a contractor about doing the work for them.