3 Types Of Water Features That Will Change Your Life

You And Everyone Else Will See Your Nashville Home Differently With A Water Feature In It
Two types of water features here with fountains in a pond

Whether it’s a koi pond or one of the other types of water features, you’ll want it in your backyard after you see what it does for these Nashville homes. They add new dimensions to your yard with their unique look and sound. 

You can find out what they are and look like in the post below.

Just You Wait!

“I’m telling you after you see these types of water features you’ll want one too!”

Jan is trying to convince Dan that a water feature would change their home and possibly their lives. He doesn’t see it yet, but she’s going to bring him around.

Natural looking koi pond

“Just you wait! After you see these pictures you’ll want a water feature too. They’re all from this contractor’s project profiles page and they are wonderful!”

“Maybe they are but I don’t see how they’ll change our lives,” Dan points out.

“I’ll tell you why as we look at the pictures. Let’s start with ponds!”

Ecosystem Koi Ponds

“This is hands down my favorite of the 3 types of water features here!”

Beautiful pond with double waterfall

An ecosystem pond is waaayyy different than a normal koi pond. Ecosystem ponds practically take care of themselves, leaving you with less work and more enjoyment.

Ecosystem ponds use filters, beneficial bacteria, rocks, plants, and fish to keep the water clean and clear. The only thing you have to do is empty any skimmers and have it maintained at least 2 times per year.

“Ok, so I can see how it’ll change our home, but how about our lives?” Dan asks. 

Beautiful pond with waterfall

Ecosystem ponds are one of the most peaceful places to be. Listening to the calming sound of the waterfall, watching the fish lazily swim, the plants waving in the breeze, and just being around a body of water is relaxing.

“It’s also a great opportunity to start water gardening AND it can make our house the spot to be,” Jan says with a smile.

“Of course, if we don’t want something that big we can go a little smaller with this next type of water feature.”


Pondless Water Features

“They’re streams and waterfalls without the pond part.”

Pondless stream with waterfall

Pondless water features have almost all the same benefits as an ecosystem pond. The differences are no fish and no pond basin. As such, they can fit into smaller spaces more easily.

Plus they are easier to maintain since they have no fish. As for size they can be anywhere from a few feet to 25+!

Smaller pondless stream winding through a natural area

“They’re also great for relaxing beside and providing a beautiful, unique look to any home,” Jan chirps happily. She can already see this type of water feature in their yard and she is in love.

“And finally, the smallest and lowest maintenance water feature type, the fountain.

Small pondless feature with two separated waterfalls


“There are SO MANY CHOICES!”

Basalt, slate, stacked, spillway bowls, urn, and more choices can be found in this type of water feature. They are the easiest to maintain and they don’t take up much space at all.

“We could even put one right by the front door!” Jan sighs dreamily.

Spillway bowl fountains in natural area

Though fountains do provide the same relaxing sound of running water they do give a different look to homes.

Changing Your Yard

“Our yard has such a different feel to it now. I honestly can’t imagine what it would be like without this fountain in it,” Dan says in satisfaction. Jan smiles, happy that she got her water feature AND a happy husband.

She’s so glad she decided to get a quote from that contractor.