9 Types Of Gardening Tools For Your Nashville Home

You can use these types of gardening tools to further improve your garden!

Everyone wants a beautiful garden, and they deserve to have one. But, it can be hard to gain this garden if you don’t have the right types of gardening tools:

  1. Gloves
  2. Garden Trowel
  3. Soils
  4. Mulch
  5. Fertilizer
  6. Pest control

We’ve seen clients go from black thumb to green thumb quickly by gaining the right tools and knowledge.

Let’s take a look at 9 types of gardening tools that can help you create an amazing garden.

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1. Gardening Gloves

Protect the hands that grow your garden, i.e. yours.

Gardening gloves are important to gardeners for many reasons:

  • Keep your hands safe from cuts
  • Don’t trap dirt under your nails
  • Help prevent infections
  • Keep your hands youthful

Let’s take a quick look at 4 types of gardening gloves:

  1. Latex/Rubber: the most common because they are cheaper, flexible, and serve many purposes
  2. Leather: stylish and great for preventing cuts
  3. Cotton: best for simple gardening and protecting hands from thorn pricks
  4. Nitrile: flexible, comfortable, and durable

The best thing to do before buying is to determine what type is best for you and your garden.

Gardening gloves perfect for protecting your hands

2. Hoes, Rakes, & Shovels

Hoes are great for creating furrows for seeds, clearing roots and weeds, and shaping the soil.

Rakes are commonly used to remove leaves and other debris.

Shovels can help you in a variety of ways, such as digging deeper holes for larger plants.

Garden hoes, rakes, and shovels

3. Garden Trowels

One of the most important hand tools a gardener can have. This is because trowels are best when it comes to small, up-close work:

  • Relocating smaller plants
  • Digging shallow holes
  • Turning soil
  • Potting
Garden trowels

4. Plant Food And Plant Fertilizer

You can help your plants grow stronger and more beautiful!

Even if you think you have black thumbs (plants seem to do anything but grow) we can help you bring your plants to life.

Plant food and plant fertilizer could be the extra boost you and your plants need.

Different types of plant food and plant fertilizer

5. Pest Control

Even if your plants grow up strong and beautiful, they can still be attacked. Pests like mites and all types of larvae like to eat plants, including yours.

Not only does it harm your plant but it can do some serious damage to the overall look.

You can protect your plants today with our garden pest control options.

Different types of plant food and plant fertilizer

6. Soils

Topsoil, potting soil, regular soil, yes! We have almost any type of gardening soil you may need.

Using the right soil helps your plants grow strong and healthy, just ask any of our experts.

Along with soil we have soil amendments too (manure, conditioner, etc). You can use these to help your soil become an even better home for your plants.

Hand holding soil

7. Mulch

Not only can it add its own aesthetic to your garden but it can help it too!

Mulch is great for gardens because it:

  • Suppresses weeds
  • Slows down evaporation
  • Improves soil texture
  • Moderates temperatures

Using mulch can help you create your own beautiful secret garden.

Mulch in garden surrounding plants

8. Hose Nozzles

Watering cans are ok for smaller areas, but what if you have a bigger garden?

This is where hoses come into play. The best part: hose nozzles can have different settings.

These different settings cause a different type of spray, almost anything from mist to flood. You can use this to water anything from almost anywhere.

Different types of hose nozzles

9. Hanging Basket Liners

If your plants are hanging, they deserve to have the best liners.

Coconut liners (like the ones in the photo below) are great because they:

  • Hold a good deal of water
  • Release the water slowly
  • Have good drainage
  • Provide good aeration

Your hanging plants can be better off if you put them in the best liners.

Hanging basket liners

Enjoy Your Amazing New Tools

New tools can provide for a better garden that you can fall in love with all over again. But, there’s more to gardening than just having the right tools.

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