The 5 Components of a Healthy Water Feature

/The 5 Components of a Healthy Water Feature

As a certified Aquascape contractor, JVI Secret Gardens not only builds ponds, but we also do a lot of repair and maintenance work. We’ve seen quite a bit in the many years we’ve been working but there are some common denominators in “successful” water features – i.e. they are thriving environments for plant and aquatic life all while being low maintenance.

  1. Biofalls. We’ve mentioned these before in other projects so we wanted to explain what they are a bit! This is a biological filter which is necessary in keeping your pond water clean. It colonizes bacteria which breaks down pond waste products. Once broken down, these bi-products are returned to the pond, ultimately benefiting your ecosystem.
  2. Skimmer. We’ve also mentioned a skimmer in previous projects. This unit removes and collects debris (such as leaves) before it can sink to the bottom of your pond or make its way into the biofalls.
  3. Plants. Not only do these offer aesthetic quality, aquatic plants are a necessary component in a well-balanced ecosystem. Plants help to remove nutrients from the pond – nutrients on which algae thrive. Your plants will also provide food, shade, and protection for your fish necessary in the Tennessee climate.
  4. Rocks and Gravel. Again, these lend an aesthetic hand by integrating your water feature into your landscape. But more over, these rocks & gravel provide a surface area for bacteria to grow. This bacteria will help with clearer water since it acts as a natural filter. Finally, these rocks help protect your pond liner from harsh sun rays, protecting your investment.
  5. Fish! We couldn’t talk water features without talking fish. Koi or other fish will help to control algae simply by eating it. The fish get a meal and you get a cleaner pond! Koi fish will also provide color, movement, and beauty to your water feature.

If your pond isn’t functioning the way you hoped, give JVI Secret Gardens a call. We can help trouble-shoot pond problems or even brainstorm a brand new project for your backyard.