The 4 Steps To Hiring JVI Secret Gardens

We Like To Keep It As Simple As Possible!

Have you ever wondered what’s entailed when having a pond installed or a landscape? Or just general renovation and just, well, fixed up. Well, we have a 4-step process we like to follow.

Why Have A Process At All?

Although we’re in the contracting industry, we have contractors out to our home enough to see all the ways that they operate. Some are very communicative, while others seem very enigmatic when it comes to determining if we are a good fit for each other.

Since we have the privilege of experiencing other contractor’s processes, we get to apply what we like and eliminate what we don’t to our own processes. One of those eliminations is the fear of the unknown! So we lay out our hiring process beforehand so everybody is on the same page.

Our 4-Step Process

Step 1

Initial Phone Conversation

I just want to grab a phone call with you. I want to understand exactly what expectations are going to be for you when you’re working with the contractor. We’re going to have a candid conversation on what things cost and what timelines and schedule looks like.

Again, we know what it’s like to work with contractors that talk about the price being one thing and by the end of the project, we’ve miraculously doubled our investment without knowing it.

Want to get inspired? Check out our water-feature gallery!

Step 2

Submit A Picture

I would really like for you to send me a picture. I want to see what you see. It helps me with that creative aspect and helps me understand what’s going on.

We’ve heard things before like “I have a few small rocks in my yard” only to find out that it takes four of us to move one of these “small” rocks. These pictures help to eliminate the unknown for us! If you’d like to submit a picture, just head to our contact page so we can see your project space!

Step 3

At Home Consultation

After we gather your pictures, we’re going to talk about the on-site consultation. What this means is when I come and see you and we detail everything out, we want to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

While we’ve been doing this for a very long time, every so often we get out to the home and find something that we just weren’t able to see in the pictures. This step helps to ensure that we’re able to do exactly what we talked about for the price that was discussed! Nobody likes hidden fees.

Step 4

Meet The JVI Crew

Get to meet the team! I’m going to have the whole team come out, we’re going to do a pre-job walk-through so that we’re all on the same page, exactly meeting your expectations.

Hiring a company to come to your home can be an intimate experience since we’re stepping into a private section of your life. People don’t hire companies, people hire people and we’d love for you to meet “our people”.

Wrapping Up The 4-Steps

Once we’ve gone through each of the steps, our crew can do what they do best and that’s to get to work to create your paradise! We follow these steps so that before JVI even starts the job, the client and every single member of the JVI crew that is involved knows exactly what is happening.

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