Swimming Pool To Pond Conversion You Just Have To See

See How We Do This Project For A Client And Hear What He Has To Say About It
Right after transforming Toms swimming pool into a pond

A swimming pool to pond conversion is no easy project. We managed to do it for our client in Gallatin and the result is amazing!

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Why Tom’s Converting His Pool To A Pond

“I spend more time working on it than anyone does enjoying it,” growls Tom.

For the last 10 years, the pool has been great. The kids were swimming around, friends were enjoying it, and so was Tom. Water features of all kinds are fun to be around.

But, pools are hard.

Before converting a pool into a pond

Tom has to do a lot of maintenance to clean the water and balance the chemicals. If nobody is having fun in the pool then all it becomes is a chore.

It’s a chore for Tom.

Tom loves the water feature aspect, so he makes the decision to convert the pool into a pond. He starts researching pond construction companies. He finds out that pond contractors with an Aquascape Certification can be relied on to build amazing ponds.

Tom finds JVI Secret Gardens on Google and goes out to visit their store. He likes the ponds, the transparency in their water feature pricing and timeline, and all the available options.

Tom decides to have JVI do his swimming pool to pond conversion.

Converting The Pool To A Pond

This is the process JVI takes to transform Tom’s backyard:

The pond Tom chooses is the Serenity Elite pond package. For about $22,000 (before additions) Tom gets a pond 14 feet by 20 feet built in about 6 days.

JVI had to bring in the big machines to help demolish the pool deck. Some flying debris did break a glass door so we helped Tom replace it. Besides, that his project went without a hitch!

Tom’s Testimonial

Hear what Tom thinks of his new backyard pond:

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