Silver Heart Brunnera- What They Are And Why You’ll Want One

Learn What Everyone In Nashville Tennessee Needs To Know About This Beautiful Plant
Closeup of Silver Heart Brunnera leaf

You can have a plant that’s easy to care for, looks beautiful, and comes back for years. Silver Heart Brunneras are that plus the leaves and flowers are amazing.

Learn more about this plant below-

Fill In The Blanks

“You know, the shady areas of our lawn look pretty empty.”

Carol looks over at Dale to see if he heard her. “Dale, the shady areas of our lawn are looking pretty empty, don’t you think?” Dale looks up from his phone. “Hmm? Oh, yes, well now that you mention it they do look pretty bare.

Pond with empty and shady spot perfect for shade loving plants

“I’ve been thinking we should plant something over there.” Dale looks over at Carol. “What do you have in mind?”

Carol smiles and pulls out her phone. “Come closer and I’ll show you! Tell you a little about them too. It’s one of a few plants for shaded areas I’ve been looking at. They’re called Silver Heart Brunnera.”

Quick Silver Heart Brunnera Facts

Silver Heart Brunneras prefer shade over the sun. They need wet or constantly moist soil to thrive. It blooms in the spring and grows anywhere from 6 to 12 inches high and 12 to 24 inches wide. It grows in hardiness zones 3-8.

Growing conditions for this Silver Heart Brunnera

“So it’s a decent size and it’ll grow well in Nashville’s hardiness zone of 7a. As long as we make sure to water it often or plant it near our backyard pond I’m sure it’ll grow amazingly well,” Carol says.

“How should we plant it?” asks Dale.

If you choose a pot, here’s how to transplant plants >>

Planting For Success

  1. Dig a hole twice the width of the pot
  2. Combine planting mix and soil
  3. Set the plant in
  4. Backfill the dirt into the hole
  5. Lightly pack down

“Then we just have to water and wait. It doesn’t grow very quickly so we’ll need to be patient,” Carol sighs. She hates waiting but at least Silver Heart Brunnera plants will be worth it.

Dale rubs his chin thoughtfully. “Why this plant and not something else? Does it have amazing flowers or something?”

2 Fun Facts About Silver Heart Brunnera

Sprays of different shades of blue will appear in mid- to late spring. We’re talking anything from pastel to electric blue. You’ll see them for about 4 weeks and then you have the silvery foliage to enjoy for the rest.

“I keep forgetting that the leaves are part of this plants charm too,” Carol admits

Several of these plants

It’s also a native plant to Siberia (brrr, that’s cold). “Wow, that’s negative cold right there!” Dale says in surprise. No wonder Silver Heart Brunnera can live in -40 degrees Fahrenheit weather.


If the leaves start looking bad, prune away. This encourages new leaves to grow. But when fall comes you don’t want to prune the plant to the ground. It’s best to wait until spring when the new leaves start appearing. You’ll also want to wait to divide Silver Heart Brunnera until spring.

If you don’t want the flowers to seed themselves, cut them as they start to fade.

Off To The Garden Center!

“Grab the keys and let’s go! There’s no time like the present to get this plant,” Carol says, walking toward the garage. “Wait, shouldn’t we call first to make sure they have some in stock? Also, where are we going?”

Carol looks back over her shoulder. “To JVI Secret Garden’s Plant Nursery.”