Pondless Water Feature Projects In And Around Nashville Tennessee

You’ll Want Something Like These After You See The Videos And Pictures
Smaller pondless stream winding through a natural area

You can see videos and pictures and read about real pondless water feature projects clients have had us do in and around Nashville, Tennessee.

Find all 3 featured projects below-

Let’s Check Some Out!

“C’mon James! It could be fun planning something cool and unique for our home.”

James looks over at Amanda. “Can those pondless water feature projects really be that interesting?” Amanda smiles and nods enthusiastically. James sighs. “Well, alright. I know how much you love this kinda stuff, so I’ll come look with you.”

Pondless stream with waterfall

Amanda pats the spot next to her on the couch. “It’ll be fun, I promise! It might even get you wanting one for the backyard too. You’ll be asking about water feature prices in no time!”

Once James settles in, Amanda shows him the first project.

14-Foot Pondless Stream In Murfreesboro

Travis, Tommy, and Chris got this client’s 4-day pondless water feature project done in 2 days!

The client wanted to transform a small, mainly unused area into a beautiful, natural-looking pond stream. Travis and his team did that and also incorporated some of what was already there into the final look of the pond.

Here’s a video of the project from start to finish:

25-Foot Natural Looking Pondless Water Feature In Madison

Devin and Denise called the JVI team out to build a pondless water feature for their getaway home.

The area the couple had us building in was one of the neatest we’ve ever seen. Devin built an incredible little treehouse for his family. The house rests on the ground, with several big, beautiful trees surrounding it.

Denise loves the sound of flowing water, and she felt it was the biggest thing missing from their little set-up.

They wanted a water feature to complete the perfect picture with the sight and sounds of flowing water. After three days, Denise and Devin had a beautiful 25-foot pondless water feature to enjoy.

Watch this video to see how they used us to achieve that! We’ll walk you through the construction process and you can hear what the owners think of their new feature:

How We Built This Stream

Day 1: Digging the Hole
We installed the basin and rocked half of the first stream.

Day 2: Progress Through Rain
Despite being cut short by rain, Day 2 saw water flowing through the unfinished pond. There was still plenty of work to be done – a few rocks were still missing about halfway down the stream. That caused a few separate streams to form, one of which actually enhanced the project! We pulled the liner back and built up the area to allow the secret stream to form off the side.

Day 3: Finishing Touches
By Day 3 we finished up the project! The bottom of the stream, though pondless, had a basin with a little bit of depth to it.

The top of the feature was unique as well. Mossy logs rest over a big rock at the top to add a little woodsy flair. The moss will thrive in moist conditions, creating a natural ecosystem that compliments the plants that Denise added to the border.

We installed lights on an automatic timer as well, allowing the couple to enjoy the pond’s beauty at night.

A Project For Kampgrounds Of America

When PeachTree Landscape reached out to us about building a pondless water feature for Kampgrounds of America we jumped at the opportunity.

Kampgrounds of America has made it their mission to get kids to put down their devices and start enjoying nature. With a great mission inspiring the project, our team couldn’t wait to get to work. Check out the video below to see the final result:

The JVI team had several focuses for this special pondless water feature project:

  1. Kids playing in the water needed to be safe
  2. The water feature had to be interactive. KoA of Nashville wanted to get kids splashing around, therefore the feature needed to provide a fun draw to bring them towards it. 
  3. Frogs and other small animals needed to be able to create a habitat around it. Our team grew up with a fascination towards animals and wanted this feature to give KoA kids that same experience.

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“Wow, you’re right, Amanda. These look great! I’d actually like to have something like this in our backyard,” James says approvingly. “Really?! That’s great! Let’s look around the website and see what other cool and fun ideas we can find.”