Pondless Water Feature Construction in Nashville: Kampgrounds of America

Kampgrounds of America wants to get kids back to nature and called JVI in for assistance

When PeachTree Landscape reached out to us about building a pondless water feature for Kampgrounds of America we jumped at the opportunity.

Kampgrounds of America has made it their mission to get kids to put down their devices and out enjoying nature. With a great mission inspiring the project, our team couldn’t wait to get to work. Check out the video above to see the final result! Read on for an in-depth look at KoA’s pondless water feature construction project.

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Pondless Water Feature KOA

The Benefits of Going Pondless – Safety First

It can be hard for pond lovers to see the upside to pondless water features, but sometimes they achieve the goal better. One such case? This KOA project, where children’s safety took priority over everything else. KoA of Nashville’s mission was to install a water feature that kids could safely interact with, and going pondless better fulfilled that goal.

Constructing the Feature: JVI’s Gameplan 

The JVI team set to work with several focuses. First, kids playing in the water needed to be safe. Second, the water feature had to be interactive. KoA of Nashville wanted to get kids splashing around, therefore the feature needed to provide a fun draw to bring them towards it. Finally, frogs and other small reptiles needed to be able to create a habitat around it. Our team grew up with a fascination towards animals and wanted this feature to give KoA kids that same experience.

Working while Peach Tree Landscape laid sod had our teams working together to foresee what the finished product would look like. The water feature’s location started out as a flat plot of open space, with nothing but dirt surrounding it. A lot of development was necessary before the job was finished!

Starting the Pondless Water Feature Construction

All in this project took just four days from our end. Although there was still some landscaping left to do, we had the 25’ by 6’ feature up and running in four days.

Pond Development KOA Nashville

Day 1: Developing the land

The first step was laying down dirt. 20 cubic yards of it to be exact. For context, one truck can carry a load of 1 cubic yard! Three hills were created with it: two of which were being transformed into grassy knolls where kids could run about, and one where we’d place the feature.

We wanted to make sure plenty of kids could enjoy different sections of the finished product, so this feature was very big. 25 feet long, and six feet wide on average. With everything in place, and a little help from Living Water Landscape’s own Chris Ostrander, the team got to work.

Day 2: Completing the Reservoir and Lower Section

After the second day of construction we had the pond’s reservoir installed and its main waterfall set to go. Rocks were placed around the section so kids could dip their feet in and enjoy the waterfall. Just above that was an ideal place for birds and other wildlife to stop by and cool off.

KOA Pondless Feature Construction

Day 3: Setting Up the Play Area

By the end of day 3, the campground was filled with dirt, rocks, and machinery. The middle section of the feature was built with width and depth in mind so the kids could splash around. On the technical side of things, we installed an automatic water fill valve in the basin to make sure the water level stayed consistent even in the hot Tennessee sun.

Day 4: Tying it all Together

With most of the construction complete, our team started preparing the landscape for wildlife. Our structure left plenty of space for frogs to move in right next to the water. Ideally, all sorts of reptiles looking for a cool bath will stop by and pay the kids a visit. Driftwood added a cool visual effect, and were locked in place to stop kids from getting hurt while walking on it.

Water features really shine at night, and we added 16 underwater lights to bring the most out of this one.

Looking to do some Pondless Water Feature Construction? Give us a Call

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