Mt. Juliet is right up the street from us and is located in an area of town that is positively booming. When this couple came to us via for a pond restoration, we were ready to jump at the task. The homeowners have been in their home for a couple of years and a couple of water feature projects left them unsatisfied…so they gave us a call.

We utilized the Aquascape “20 Product, 20 Step” system to build them an 8×11 pond. We began by excavating and preparing the area. Wilson County is legendarily rocky but we were able to prepare the area for the pond with a little hard work and perseverance. We installed underlayment, liner, and rocks and then were able to just add water for a complete backyard micro-ecosystem.

Plants were purchased from our garden center, as well as a couple of bales of pine straw, to complete the set dressing and tie the entire project together in the neighborhood of $5,000.

While the couple had prior knowledge of water features from their previous experiences, we were able to educate them on the Aquascape system and methodology to finally bring them the pond they had envisioned. A project that took approximately 2 days will now bring a couple – and their neighbors! – in Mt. Juliet enjoyment for years to come.