Pondless Waterfall Construction in Lebanon, Tennessee

Join us as we head to Lebanon, Tennessee, to construct a 25’ pondless waterfall in a client’s backyard!

A client in Lebanon, Tennessee, was doing some outdoor landscaping and wanted to add a big pondless water feature to their gorgeous backyard. Over the course of three days, our team was able to do just that. Do you live in the Lebanon area and want to add the natural beauty of flowing water to your landscape? Check out this blog and video for a little inspiration!

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Pondless Water Feature Construction in Lebanon, TN

The Client’s Problem

Our client’s backyard was already beautiful pre-pondless waterfall. Despite the intense Tennessee sun, her grass was lush and healthy. A golf course sat just beyond her gate, the view unobstructed.

That said, there was a stillness to the landscape that a pondless water feature could replace. Our goal was to take this beautiful scene and elevate it to the next level. Here’s how we did it.

Day 1: Digging and Installing Aquablocks

As per-usual, Day 1 had us laying the foundation for the pond. We dug a nice deep hole, large enough to contain the 200 gallons of water necessary to maintain the pond ecosystem.

A pondless water feature this big required more than one liner, but we installed the first one during the first day. On top of that, in the basin, rested our water storing aquablocks.

Perhaps most excitingly, the rocks arrived! The walkway to the backyard was too narrow for our machinery, but that just meant our team was going to get some exercise carrying them!

Day 2: Rocking the Pond

By the end of Day 2 we had the pondless waterfall’s course charted out with rocks. A simple, clean design fit this property perfectly.

To create that look, we crafted two dropping points and an area with a bit of depth to it. That created a little pseudo-pool in the middle section. The water needed to rise a few inches to pour over the next big drop and into the false bottom.

Day 3: Finishing the Project

At the end of the third day, the project was complete! Aside from the heat, we had good luck with Mother Nature all week.

The top of the pond featured some really cool rocks that added a distinct look to the project. The water flowed from the top, turning as it hit against a jagged rock. It swooshed around against another rock, creating a little circular motion as it flowed over the first drop.

The first of two pooling areas rested there, with a little drop into the deeper second. Just as we planned, the water spilling into the false bottom dropped from two different sides of a big cleft. The main spill makes a great sound as the water falls, while the second is a lot gentler. Birds and butterflies looking to cool off will love that little area.

With this whole project we really focused on achieving a natural, seemingly carved by time look. As the water flows around some of the rocks, it looks as though it has created this pathway by flowing through the centuries.

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