Pond Builders in Gallatin: Watch JVI Work

Watch as JVI Creates a Beautiful Tranquility Deluxe Pond as We Visit the Green Hills of Gallatin

Come join us as we walk you through the process of creating a beautiful, brand new pond. This project brought us to the Gallatin area, where an artistic homeowner requested a 10’x14’x2’ pond with a waterfall. Our team knew they’d have to build this with an eye for artistry! As you can see in the video above, we had a fantastic time with this one. We’ll dive into the details below! Sit back and enjoy the process; jobs like these are why we are the best pond builders in Gallatin.

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This Gallatin Homeowner’s Story

Filled in Pond in Gallatin

The people we meet make every job exciting, each with their own story in life. The homeowner for this job was a painter living in Gallatin farmland. Her home was surrounded by lush grass, massive trees, and Tennessee hills stretching as far as the eye could see. She had plenty of artistic inspiration right outside her front door. Chickens and goats kept her company on the property, but she wanted to add a peaceful aura by installing a water feature. Her dream pond was a 10’x14’x2’ with a waterfall. The sounds of flowing water were important to the vision, making a great waterfall a must. With those specifications, we knew just the package for the job.

Our Solution: The Tranquility Deluxe Pond Package

Our Tranquility Deluxe ponds are the perfect entry point for those looking to get into the pond lifestyle. We build these beauties using AquascapePro Signature Series professional-grade equipment. The location she wanted it could easily fit the 10’x14’x2’ pond, and each comes with an 18’ inch waterfall.

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The Pond Building Process

Digging in Gallatin, TN

Day 1 – Digging Away

Our team quickly set to work, their experience making the task simple. The first step was digging the ditch where the pond would rest. They dug out shelves on day one, shoveling out an incredible amount of dirt. With a pond this size it almost looked as though they were digging a moat!

Day 2 – Rock the Pond

On day two the team was ready to rock! We rocked in the top and bottom shelves and added decorative gravel, but the highlight of the day was locating the ideal fill stone. It was perfectly shaped for water follow, and slim enough to ensure the finished pond received plenty of aeration.

Day 3 – Finishing Touches

By the end of day three the pond was complete! The team finished rocking the pond, filled it up, and got a waterfall rolling. It was difficult to leave the client’s beautiful property behind, but duty calls.

Finished Pond in Gallatin

Check out the finished Pond!

Pond Paradise Gallatin TN

After she filled out the look with greenery, flowers, and water lilies, the homeowner has a pond worthy of her paintings. Her property was already gorgeous, but the Tranquility Deluxe elevated it to downright serene. The JVI team takes pride in being the best pond builders in Gallatin, but the finished product was even more beautiful than we imagined.

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