Pond Build In Gallatin You Won’t Believe Until You See

See How Our Process Works For Building Ponds Around Nashville, Tennessee
Pond before Lily puts her final touches on

You can follow us through the pond building process as we build one for a client in Gallatin, Tennessee. You won’t believe this pond build!

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Adding Tranquility

“The farmland is wonderful, but not quite complete yet,” says Lily.

She isn’t sure how she can complete it, though. So, Lily goes online to find some ideas. She ends up coming across types of water features for backyards.

“That’s it! A backyard pond will be perfect for what I need. It looks so calming and tranquil, especially with the waterfall making the sound of flowing water,” she says happily. Lily starts looking online for local pond contractors. She finds JVI Secret Gardens and hires them to build her dream pond.

Lily’s Dream Pond

Lily talks with us about what she wants for her pond. 

She decides to go with our Tranquility Deluxe Pond Package. This includes a 10-foot by 14-foot pond that’s 2 feet deep. It also comes with an 18-inch waterfall. We build them using AquascapePro Signature Series professional-grade equipment.

We get the deposit and scheduling done and start Lily’s pond build!

Lily’s Pond Build

Day 1 – Digging Out The Pond

Digging out the pond with a large machine

Our team quickly gets to work. The first step is digging out where the pond will be. We dig down one foot, go towards the center of the pond, and continue digging down. This makes a shelf ideal for plants. It also makes the spring pond maintenance process easier.

Day 2 – Rocking Out The Pond

Now we’re ready to rock! We add rocks and gravel to the pond for decoration and filtering. The rocks look much better for the bottom and sides than a solid black liner. They also house beneficial bacteria which help keep the water clean and clear.

Day 3 – The Finishing Touches

Pond before Lily puts her final touches on

We finish rocking the pond, fill it up, and get the waterfall rolling. Lily’s pond is now complete and we don’t want to leave because it looks so beautiful, especially on her property.

Lily goes on to add greenery, flowers, and water lilies to her pond. The finished pond looks amazing:

Before building a pond in Gallatin
Pond build completed in Gallatin