Aquascape Pond Squad (formerly knows as Pond Stars) started as a dream from Greg Whitstock, owner of the water feature company, Aquascape. An entrepreneur with a flair for over-the-top, well, everything Greg realized that the combination of creating gorgeous landscapes, peaceful retreats, and awe-inspiring transformations orchestrated a trifecta of a good business. And great television. Toss in homeowners who are beyond grateful for their new backyard escapes, a few crazy antics, and a true passion for creating the best, and you realize why Aquascape Pond Squad is now in its second season.

Watch Episode 1 of Aquascape Pond Squad on YouTube:

The best part about Aquascape Pond Squad for us, however, is realizing that we actually get to live out our own episodes when we come to work! As an Master Certified Aquascape Contractor, JVI Secret Gardens not only gets the chance to tap the wealth of expert knowledge behind Aquascape Pond Squad but we also get to see the looks of amazement ourselves every day. We actually get to interact with the same crew you see on the show…plus Certified Aquascape Contractors and pond specialists all over the country!

A pool of expert pond resources that continually grows, the Aquascape tribe is committed to making these transformations happen regularly by sharing our stories, our experiences, and our areas of expertise with each other to make each other better and, in the end, deliver to you the backyard you’re pinning to your Pinterest board. While we probably won’t have a film crew in tow (although we might!) we have the same expert resources, the same collaborative experience, and the same intensity for creating the relaxing outdoor spaces that are showcased on Aquascape Pond Squad. And they’re right in your backyard! We promise the same looks of joy, equal amounts of surprise, and a level of professional creativity that you experience on the show. And you don’t even have to put on makeup.

Catch Aquascape Pond Squad each week on YouTube. Then tell us about your pond project and we’ll bring the show to you!