Amazing Examples Of Water Features For Backyards

You can see some incredible water features right here! Watch as the water falls into the pond, hear the sound of running water, smell the fresh air, and enjoy the water feature oasis in front of you. It could be an:

These are the types of water features homeowners use to enhance their backyards and improve their lives. If you want to know what these water features for backyards can look like, check out the videos below!

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Ecosystem Ponds

This first type of water feature for backyards is an ecosystem pond. It’s called this because the whole pond is a living ecosystem that supports itself. Owners will still need to do some light maintenance so it keeps running smoothly, but it’s only a few minutes worth.

Homeowners install water features for backyards such as ponds because:

  • They love water, the sound, the smell, and just being near it
  • It’s an amazing focal point for any yard
  • It gives people a reason to get off their screens and go outside (especially curious kids)
  • Being near it helps them relax and de-stress from their day

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Water feature for backyards with waterfall and LED lights

Pondless Water Features

This type of water feature for backyards is a pondless, the closest to ponds being if there is a basin of water at the end. Homeowners sometimes prefer these to ponds because they:

  • Need less overall maintenance
  • Can take up almost no room or stretch for several yards
  • Tend to be safer
  • Bring all the benefits of ponds

The video below can show you some awesome pondless water features people have in their yards.

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Neither pond nor pondless water feature for backyards, fountainscapes are something else entirely. They are popular with homeowners because they:

  • Can be added onto ponds or pondless water features
  • Can take up very little space
  • Emit the pleasant sound of burbling water
  • Look amazing with LED lights

Fountainscapes can look amazing, if you want to see them in action you can check out the video below!

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Try Adding LEDs

Adding LED lights to a backyard water feature is so amazing that we just had to include it! They can:

  • Add safety at night
  • Transform the look of your water feature
  • Be put behind waterfalls
  • Have different colors

You can see the results in this video and check out some other pond additions in our garden center:

Beautiful Water Features For Your Backyard

Water features for backyards come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter what they look like they should be your personal pond paradise. This means it will work well for a long time, need very little maintenance, and bring you and your loved one’s happiness.

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