The weather is cooling down in Nashville and that means several things in our minds. First off, it’s obviously time to break out the S’mores! Secondly, we start to look at the water features and koi ponds we maintain at our garden center in preparation for the cooler temps ahead.

With harsher winters in Tennessee, we need to make sure we take appropriate measures to protect both our water life and our water features as the weather cools down. One easy step in maintaining your water feature, fish or not, is using netting to protect the water from the falling leaves of autumn. Leaves falling into the water will cause it to turn brown and can even disrupt the ecosystem if the water freezes. With the absence of leaves in your water feature, the netting also provides a layer of protection against predation for your lovely fish!

Also, it’s imperative to keep in mind that fish don’t eat year-round. Once the temps fall below 55 degrees, it’s time to stop feeding your fish as their metabolism is slowing down for the winter. And while Tennessee winters are completely unpredictable, you should also prepare for the threat of a frozen water feature and remember that a small hole is necessary for water oxygenation and gas exchange to keep your fish alive in freezing temperatures, a feat that can be accomplished by using a small bubbler that will keep the water circulating.

If your pond or water feature doesn’t have any fish, simply turn off and remove your pump, store it in a bucket of water to keep the seals from cracking, and keep it in a frost-free environment until weather turns warmer.

Questions about your water feature or koi pond? We’re here to help! You’ve made an investment and a commitment by installing these features in your home and we want to make sure they make it through the winter. Talk to our water feature expert or give us a call us at Call (615) 479-4233 and get ready for fall!