Where To Buy And Plant Mums, Their Cost, And How To Care For Them

Find Out What Most People In Nashville Are Looking For When It Comes To Mums
White and purple and orange mums in containers

Mums like cool temperatures at night but love the sunlight and warmth during the day. Watering can be a bit tricky. Their cost starts at $5 for a 6-inch.

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The New Star Of Our Yard

“The winner is… MUMS!” Amanda bursts excitedly.

“WOOOO-WHOOOO!” James cheers happily. “Wait, what do you mean mums are the winner? Isn’t that a plant of some sort?” he asks in visible confusion.

Amanda laughs. “Yes, mums, full name chrysanthemums, are a type of flower I’m going to be using to create a beautiful look for our yard. Well, as soon as I learn a bit more about them.”

Freshly budded mums

James taps his finger on his chin. ‘What all do you need to know about mums?” Amanda sighs. “I need to know how to care for mums, where to plant mums, where to buy mums, and how much mums can cost. Thankfully, I already know the differences between annuals and perennials.”

James grabs his phone and starts typing furiously. “I’ll start with where to buy and how much if you’ll look up how to care for and where to plant.” Amanda nods and picks up her phone.

After a while, here is what the couple put together:

Where To Buy Mums

You can buy mums in almost any garden center or plant nursery. This includes independent nurseries like JVI Secret Gardens and big box stores like Lowes. You can also buy mums online, though you may not get the best ones.

You can buy mums locally with us or any of these garden centers.

How Much Mums Can Cost

Mums can cost anywhere from about $5 to $27 depending on the size and if it has multiple colors. More specifically:

  • 6-inch: $4.49
  • 8-inch: $7.99
  • 9-inch: $9.99
  • 10-inch: $19.99
  • 12-inch: $24.99
  • 12-inch Multicolor Mum:  $26.99
Closeup of orange and red mum

Where To Plant Mums

The best place to plant mums is where they can get 6 or more hours of direct sunlight. They love rich and well-drained soil. Borders and plant beds are some of the best spots. You can also plant chrysanthemums in containers. 

Brilliant reddish purple mums beginning to bloom

Add compost to help them grow healthier. Improper planting can end with your mums having too much stem and they won’t be as beautiful.

How To Care For Mums

If you plant mums in the ground, give them a good drink of water immediately after transplanting. You’ll want to water frequently after that so they don’t wilt. Once they’re established about one inch of water a week should work.

Chrysanthemums in containers

For mums in containers, you’ll need to water more frequently, especially based on weather. During hot conditions, mums in containers will almost always need watering at least once a day if not twice. It’s good to know how best to water plants so they stay happy and healthy.

Mulching around mums keeps the soil moist and helps prevent weeds.

Yellow mums

After the first frost, you’ll want to clip the old foliage. This way new growth from the roots can start.

You won’t want to crowd them or put them in the shade. These conditions make it easier for mums to get a disease. You’ll want to be on the lookout for pests like aphids and caterpillars. Knowing the different plant pests and how to deal with them can keep your plants healthier.

When Will My Mums Bloom?

We can’t predict when mums will bloom because it depends on the weather and sunlight. Mums like cooler nights so when the temperature starts to drop the mums will start to bloom.

Once mums start to “crack” (show color on the bloom) their color lasts about 30 days.

Bright pink mums

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“Now all we have to do is go to a garden center and pick out the mums we want,” Amanda beams happily. “Hmmm, I wonder what else we can find out about plants on this blog,” James thinks out loud.