Landscaping in Old Hickory


We recently got a client via word-of-mouth which is our absolute favorite way to reach new clients! This particular client is friends with a long-standing customer of JVI Secret Gardens. The couple saw how we transformed their friend’s yard and, having a similar “before” space, wanted a comparable refresh of their landscaping.

The couple wanted something fresh to replace outdated, yet mature, shrubbery and several shade perennials. Feeling their yard to be a bit generic, they were eager to fill it with color, texture, and height. To aid in the selection process, we pulled several options of plants and shrubs that would be a good fit with the shape and nature of the yard, which in this case was mostly sunny and some bright shade, from our garden center. This process is advantageous to the client for several reasons. One, it allows the client to see the plants and their placement in real time. It also gives a real-life example of what the finished product will be while also granting the luxury of easy editing before the plants go in the ground. Finally, this practice gives our clients a great selection from which to choose, all in the comfort of their backyard.

Landscaping Services in Old Hickory


After we spent a day tearing out the old landscaping, we staged the new plant material in a fashion we felt was congruent with the shape of the landscape and in a fashion that was similar, yet unique, from the friend’s yard from which came the original referral.

We left the plants staged to allow the client to get a feel for what they liked – and what they didn’t – without pressure.
Upon returning the next day, we were delighted to find that the customer absolutely loved what we had done and didn’t want to change anything about the layout. We added some Encore azaleas, a Southern staple, some lovely purple coneflowers, and a few butterfly bushes that we were happy to see were attracting butterflies before we even got them in the ground. We rounded out these colorful favorites with some hearty perennials that will only continue to grow as they mature, making for a continually changing landscape with easy maintenance. We were also able to reuse some of their existing plants by relocating them to a more suitable environment in the yard. Rounding out the new landscape was a fresh layer of brown hardwood mulch, a welcome change from the black mulch to which they’d grown accustomed.

Our team had excellent conditions for this job with great soil, no rain, and low humidity – a rarity in Tennessee – and we were able to complete this job in 2 days for approximately $7,000. And when we left, the couple was asking about the next project they would like for us to complete for them. We were more than happy to answer. And we will be more than happy to oblige.