We were recently approached to perform landscaping services in Murfreesboro by a couple who were ready to trade in their cookie cutter landscape for something that would add a little more ‘pop’ to their yard.

After visiting our Garden Center, this family decided to invite us out to give their home a landscape a makeover. Since they are planning on this being their ‘forever’ home, they opted for adding several garden plantings as well as the seeding of new grass in their yard.

The Challenge

Our team faced two main challenges on this landscaping project: Heat & Soil Conditions.

We completed this landscaping project on what was the hottest day of the year to date, with temperatures reaching into the 100’s. This made the second challenge, the soil conditions more difficult.

The landscape crew spent several hours digging through the top layer of hard-packed clay before reaching the softer soil. The lack of mature trees meant no shade and the retention pond a few yards away meant swarms of mosquitos to fend off throughout the day.

Our Approach to the Landscaping Services Project

Landscaping Services in Murfreesboro

Because this home was recently built in a newer, cookie-cutter neighborhood, the JVI team recommended a few unique garden plantings to set the home apart from the neighboring homes.

We also reseeded the lawn since the previous landscaping services over-seeded with Bermuda grass, a favorite for birds to eat before taking root.


The total cost for these landscaping services in Murfreeboro was about $4000. This included all labor, products and supplies needed, as well as our 1-year warranty.

If you have a newer home with cookie-cutter landscaping and would like to make your home stand out more, please let us know. We’re happy to make recommendations regarding landscaping services, garden plantings, brick work or water features that will make your home the topic of much neighborhood discussion.

Contact us today for your landscaping consultation!