A Landscape Transformation In Donelson Creates Amazing Curb Appeal

This Is What A Client In Donelson, Tennessee Had Us Do To Improve Their Landscape’s Curb Appeal
JVI team working on another natural area

If you want to see some of what we can do for landscapes, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, you can watch a video showing a landscape transformation we did early in 2021. You can also find some planting and watering tips we want everyone to know.

No More Old And Boring!

“Our landscape isn’t that old and boring,” says James defensively.

“Ugh, yes it is!” counters Amanda. “Have you even looked at it recently? I mean, really looked at it? Compare it to our friend’s landscapes and we look like a couple of old fogies! Worse, it looks like we’re old fogies that don’t care about our landscape.”

James stands up and walks outside. Amanda waits patiently, knowing he’s just looking around so he can make his own mind up.

“You’re right, it’s terrible,” he says as he comes back inside. “The turf looks awful, what mulch is left looks lifeless, and the plants are boring. Let’s look up landscapers near us and fix this. Hopefully, they’ve done some good landscaping projects. ”

Amanda smiles and hands him her phone. “Already found someone, JVI Secret Gardens. They have great pictures and reviews. Want to contact them?” James nods and they get to it.

Hiring JVI Secret Gardens For A Landscape Makeover

Two small shrubs and shredded grass by the front door

After submitting a contact form and some pictures, the couple gets a call from Derek Johnson (owner and head of sales).

Derek finds out their ‘why’ for doing this landscape remodel, asks them what they want from their landscape, and other deep questions.

Most of the design for this landscape transformation in Donelson Tennessee

JVI’s landscape designer works with the couple to create a design they’ll love. They find out what plants the couple likes, what they want to see in their yard, and what plants the sun and shade requirements around their house will allow. It also depends on plant availability, what JVI has, and what JVI is able to get.

Amanda and James decide to hire JVI Secret Gardens for their landscape remodel. They get on the schedule and happily wait for the day to arrive.

The Landscape Transformation

Before the landscape remodel project starts, Travis (foreman) sends them watering instructions and JVI’s plant warranty.

When the JVI team arrives they see exactly what the clients had said- older style plants and design, turf in need of updating, and areas needing new mulch.

Here’s the before, during, and after the couple’s landscape transformation:

Planting Tips For Landscape Transformations

Hand near newly planted tree with root ball above ground

Once you prepare your garden bed area and start getting your plants into the ground, leave the root ball a couple of inches above the soil.

There are 2 main reasons for this.

  • The root ball will settle down as the ground compacts (even after we finish compacting it)
  • You want the mulch to take and come up over the side, just covering the root ball

When people plant the root ball even with the ground, they tend to mulch a couple of inches up the plant. At best, this will give the plant a fungus. At worst, it’ll die because it can’t breathe.

The #1 Watering Tip After Finishing A Landscape Makeover

Watering newly planted plants

Soak the root ball and the area 8 to 12 inches around the root ball. This helps prepare and soften the soil around it for the roots to go into.

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“I LOVE it, our landscape makeover went amazingly well,” says Amanda happily. James tries unsuccessfully to wipe the smile from his face. “It sure does look nice, doesn’t it?” Amanda nods. “Why don’t we see what else JVI can do?” suggests James.