JVI Secret Gardens is located in the Donelson area of Nashville and this job was right in our backyard! A semi-retired couple, the gentleman is retired and the lady of the house still works from home. The couple had saved up for this job for some time so we really wanted to make a special retreat for these two empty-nesters.

Armed with a strong knowledge of our product, our team cleaned out the existing beds and extended them towards the street to make room for the new plants we brought in. We planted cedars, a specimen Japanese maple, oak leaf hydrangeas and pink cone flowers for a nice splash of color. The heat and humidity definitely played a factor but even with extreme Tennessee heat and a little bit of rain, we completed the job in approximately a day, staying a little bit late to ensure all was up to customer satisfaction. The client mentioned that she trusted our team completely and made sure to mention that she was impressed with our team members both at the garden center and on the landscape crew and that we “exceeded her wildest expectations.”

Seeing a couple enjoying retirement and being able to put some money into a home and yard that they enjoy was a pleasure for us. Plus, since they’re located right up the street from us, we get to see their yard frequently on our way to exceed even more expectations.