Hydrangea Care In Nashville: Where To Plant & How To Prune

Hydrangea care is actually quite easy. These beautiful plants practically grow themselves, but they do need some help from you. Here you can learn where to plant hydrangeas and how to prune hydrangeas. This allows them to be healthier and more beautiful.

Amanda needs to find the perfect plant to complete her new yard in Nashville.

Her friends are recommending a few seasonal plants, knock out roses, hostas, and some other plants. What she needs is a plant to hide her home’s foundation while accenting it. 

But she has a better plant in mind: a bigleaf hydrangea. She already knows a few details about caring for them.

Hydrangea care involves planting them in partial shade, using mulch, frequent watering, occasional pruning, and optional fertilizing. Caring for hydrangeas is easier than most plants. Bigleaf hydrangeas practically care for themselves and aren’t prone to diseases. In certain hardiness zones, they can survive winter without extra care.

Hydrangea care for this blue bigleaf hydrangea

Amanda doesn’t know much more than that. She needs to know more before she tries her luck on a plant. She won’t watch another wither away…

So she heads to one of the best Nashville garden centers for answers. She pulls into a parking space and walks inside. She finds a customer service team member who is glad to answer any of her questions and concerns.

“Where is the best place to plant hydrangeas?” is her first question to the garden center team member.

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Hydrangea: Where To Plant

“Where to plant hydrangeas?” the team member echoes.

“Well, that would be in partly sunny areas. Bigleaf hydrangeas like morning sun and afternoon shade and tend to grow better with this combination. They also prefer rich, well-drained soil that has a medium amount of moisture.”

Amanda pauses from writing to ask “What about soil pH? I read about it but I’m not sure if it is important or not.”

Hydrangea care is important for keeping them healthy and beautiful

The team member responds, “This is where bigleaf hydrangeas are amazing. You can change their bloom color depending on the soil pH. They turn bluer in highly acidic oils and more pink in alkaline soils.”

Amanda smiles at the thought of being able to change her bloom’s color. That is too cool.

Her next question involves pruning hydrangeas.

Hydrangea: How To Prune

“How to prune hydrangeas is a question we hear every now and then. It doesn’t take much time or effort. You also don’t have to do it often at all. Only prune hydrangeas if they need it.”

Amanda follows up with “How do I know if they need pruning?”

Pink hydrangea

The team member answers “Prune hydrangeas when their flowers start fading. Clip the dying flower heads and other shoots to encourage a more full shape. Harsh winters can damage the foliage so you’ll need to trim those off if that happens.”

She nods thoughtfully to herself as she finishes writing.

“Do they need extra care during winter?” she asks. “Not bigleaf hydrangeas, no” says the team member, “They are among the hardy plants that do well in zone 7, the hardiness zone we are in, so they don’t need any extra winter care. It’s still a good idea to keep an eye on them to make sure they get enough water.”

Amanda thanks them and they walk off to see if anyone else needs help.

She considers the hydrangeas in front of her. Their beautiful shades of pink, purple, and blue make her reach out to touch them. She can already see them lining the front of her house.

Amanda pulls out her phone and dials her husband. Now she only has to convince him that hydrangeas are the right plant to buy…

Good Hydrangea Care Leads To Beautiful Plants

Now you, like Amanda, can give the best care for your hydrangeas. You can plant hydrangeas in the best possible areas and prune them to perfection. Your yard will be more beautiful than before with these wonderful plants. You could be one step closer to having your dream yard.

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