How To Prepare Your Garden For Spring Planting The Best Way

These Are The Actions We Recommend Clients Take For Their Garden During Our Nashville Springs
Man preparing his garden for spring planting

How to prepare your garden for spring planting involves correct positioning of the garden, composting with the right materials, weed control, and more.

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Time To ‘Spring’ Into Action

“Ha, that was a good one actually,” laughs Amanda.

James does a short bow. “Thank you, thank you.” Amanda pulls out her phone. “But, seriously, how do we prepare a garden for spring in Nashville? We just moved here so I’m not sure how different it is.”

James shrugs. “I wish I knew, but I don’t. We can look up how to get a garden ready for planting on Google. Or something like that, at least.”

Amanda smiles. “That’s a wonderful idea! I’m going to go ahead and look it up right now. Then, we’ll need to find one of the local garden centers to go to. Ah, this is so exciting!” She unlocks her phone and pulls up Google to start searching.

Here’s what she discovers:

How To Prepare A Garden For Spring Planting

Beautiful garden outside of a home in Nashville Tennessee

When preparing a garden for spring planting there are 3 main things to do. Keep the garden in full sun if possible. Add compost to the soil. Put up a small fence to keep out animals that’ll snack on your plants. You’ll also want to perform weed control and buy containers for plants.

Hands planting in a garden

For composting, if you’re vegan you’ll want to avoid animal compost. Weed control can range from using grocery bags and cardboard to using pesticides.

We mention container plants because they’re becoming more popular around Nashville. If you want to put them in a different container, you’ll want to know how to pot garden plants.

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“We definitely need that garden center to get containers from,” points out Amanda. James nods. “You think we can find out anything else on this blog that we may need to know?” Amanda shrugs. “Let’s find out.”