How To Install A Skimmer In A Pond The Best Way

Learn How Professional Koi Pond Installers In Nashville Should Install Your Skimmer
Cleaning a skimmer basket

Installing a skimmer starts with digging out the spot for the skimmer. Then it’s cleaning, gluing, screwing, and cutting.

Watch the video and read more below-

Do They Know What They’re Doing?

“That’s a fair question to ask in this situation,” replies Amanda.

James looks at her with worry in his eyes. “I don’t want us to hire this pond contractor just for them to cut corners or not really know what they’re doing. What are their steps for building a pond? Do they even know how to install a skimmer?!”

Amanda shakes her head. “I honestly don’t know. Let’s look the company up on Google and see what we can find out.” She gets out her phone and starts searching.

“Aha! A Youtube page, let’s check it out,” says Amanda. James comes around to look with her. “A video on installing a skimmer? That’s too perfect hahaaa,” says James, pointing to the screen.

Amanda clicks on it. Here is what they find out.

12 Steps To Installing A Skimmer In A Pond

  1. Choose the best spot for the skimmer
  2. Dig out the area and put the skimmer in
  3. Clean where the liner and skimmer will be attached
  4. Adjust skimmer flap to the best height if necessary
  5. Attach weir flap
  6. Silicone the holes closed
  7. Press the liner against the silicone
  8. Put faceplate over the liner
  9. Puncture liner where the holes in the faceplate are
  10. Screw faceplate closed
  11. Cut liner out from the middle of the faceplate
  12. Silicone the screws

*This is for the Aquascape Signature Series 1000 skimmer

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“That certainly seems like a good process. Let’s check out their other videos while we’re here,” suggests James. Amanda nods. “They also have some blog posts on their website that might give us some more information too.”