How To Clean Koi Ponds So They Look Amazing Again

This Is How We Clean Koi Ponds For Our Clients In The Nashville, Tennessee Area
Jamie cleaning out a water feature

Getting your koi pond clean is a great way to keep it from becoming an eyesore. Your fish will also love you for it!

In this post, you can find out how we clean koi ponds from the bottom up. You can also discover why we use these steps and what upgrades you can get during cleanings.

What All Does It Involve?

“So our pond needs cleaning?” asks James.

Amanda nods quickly. “It really does! I can see some algae floating in there and it just doesn’t look clean.” James sighs. “Well we can’t have that, can we? Have you talked to our contractor yet?”

Amanda nods again, holding up her phone. “I did and he said he can do it. He also sent me this blog post that tells us how to clean a koi pond, why they follow those steps, and some upgrades we can get. Want to give it a look?”

James nods as Amanda hands him the phone. “Hopefully they have more information on pond cleanings somewhere on their website,” he says before looking down at the screen.

Here’s what he finds out:

How To Clean A Koi Pond

Our process for how to clean koi ponds involves 11 steps:

  1. Vacuum out debris if needed
  2. Drain your pond down to six inches
  3. Remove any fish and place them in large containers with their original pond water
  4. Drain the remainder of your pond and power wash it and any streams and waterfalls
  5. Remove debris from the pond bottom*
  6. Clean all filter pads, lava rocks, biofalls, skimmers, and pumps as needed
  7. Clean all light lenses and look for burned-out bulbs**
  8. Make any necessary minor adjustments to rocks
  9. Divide and re-pot all potted plants***
  10. Add de-chlorinator if needed and start refilling your pond
  11. Re-introduce any fish

Algae can be a problem between koi pond cleanings. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can remove algae.

*We only remove most of the debris. If the pond is cleaned to the point of sterilization it’ll destroy the established ecosystem. This means your pond won’t be able to keep itself clean, which means paying for more of these cleanings.

**We can replace any burned-out bulbs for an additional fee. 

***We can divide and re-pot any of your plants for an additional fee.

Why We Follow These Steps For Koi Pond Cleaning

Why ponds need cleaning

Vacuuming debris. This helps make the process of cleaning a pond bottom quicker and easier. We want to get your pond clean and beautiful without taking up your space for too long. Removing debris is especially important during the fall pond maintenance process.

Draining your pond. Draining the water is an important step in how to clean koi ponds. It allows us to do a deeper clean. We can get the hardened debris and algae off of your rocks.

Putting fish in tubs of their original water. This step in how to clean koi ponds cannot be done differently. Fish can go into shock when put into strange water. Using their old pond water keeps this from happening. They’re more comfortable like this.

Power wash. This helps us get any of the debris and algae stuck on your rocks. Your pond will look cleaner and nicer.

Rock adjustment. Rocks can settle out of place. This can expose liner or cause damage down the line. We’ll put them back in place so this doesn’t happen.

Add de-chlorinator. This makes the water more inhabitable for your fish. They’ll have a much easier time transitioning to their newly cleaned home.

Upgrades You Can Get During Pond Cleanings

Underwater pond lighting and some landscape lighting around it

LED lights. Create a beautiful look at night with pond lights! You can make it seem like you have a magical grotto in your backyard. You can change the colors with some LED lights.

Pond aeration system. This helps put more oxygen in your water. Your fish will breathe easier and your water can stay clearer. It’s also great for keeping a hole in any ice during winter.

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“Seems like our pond’s going to be clean and clear after this,” says James approvingly. Amanda smiles. “I certainly think so! Here, let me see my phone. I’d like to poke around and see what the other blog posts say about koi ponds.