How To Build A Koi Pond You’ll Love In 9 Expert Steps

Learn What Happens In Your Yard When A Nashville Pond Contractor Steps Foot In It

You can learn the steps for how to build a koi pond so you know what will happen if you decide to get one for your Nashville home. You won’t believe it. It looks like a bomb went off in your yard, as you can see in the video above.

You can find the actual steps for building a koi pond below.

It’ll Look Like A What Went What?!

“You can’t be serious,” Tracy gasps in disbelief.

Neither she nor Jeff can believe what they just heard. Part of the process for getting a koi pond in the yard involves their yard “looking like a bomb went off in it.”

This messy yard is part of the process for how to build a koi pond

“Oh, don’t worry too much,” the contractor says easily. “By the time we’re done everything will be put back together around your beautiful new water feature. It’s just up until that point your yard will be a mess.”

The couple thinks about it, realizing there’s no real way to get the koi pond they want without doing this. At least he’s telling them about it before it happens.

Following the right process for how to build a koi pond can give you this beautiful pond

If it turns out as amazing as the ones on their pond project gallery page then it’ll be worth it. “Do you mind going over the steps for how to build a koi pond real quick?” Jeff asks.

“No problem. Let’s dive on in.”

How To Build A Koi Pond In 9 Steps

  1. Choose an area and outline the pond
  2. Dig out pond
  3. Lay down liner
  4. Install pump
  5. Install filters
  6. Add rocks
  7. Put in any additions
  8. Fill with water
  9. Add plants and fish
Newly built pond

Jeff lets out a low whistle before saying “Wow, that’s a lot of steps to follow. Is there anything about these steps you think we should know?”

“I can tell you some of the things past clients usually ask about if that’s ok with you.” Tracy and Jeff both agree and the contractor continues telling them about how to build a koi pond.

Lit up urn fountains in a pond

What People Want To Know About Building A Koi Pond

The best area is a partly shaded area that isn’t below too many trees. The shade keeps the water cooler and slows down algae growth.

When we dig the pond we make sure it’s at least 2 feet at the deepest point. This is deep enough that it won’t freeze during winter, which means you won’t have to move or worry about any fish. We also dig shelves around the sides for plants.

Beautifully built and lit pond

The liner keeps the water in the pond. We cover it in rocks to give the pond bottom a more natural look and to protect it from the sun which can damage it.

Pumps move the water and filters keep it clean and clear. Some additions can help keep it cleaner and clearer for longer and help lower your maintenance in general. Autofills and IonGens are perfect examples of this.

Beautiful pond an ideal image of what happens when you know how to build a koi pond

“I like it. Short and easy to understand, well done,” Jeff says. “Are there any other questions you have about how to build a koi pond? If you think of some later you can always call or email me,” the contractor assures the couple.

“Let’s go ahead and start!” Tracy blurts excitedly.

A Few Weeks Later…

“I love our new pond, don’t you love our new pond Jeff?” asks Tracy.

Small stream and pond next to back stairs

He certainly does. They’ve been enjoying it every day since the end of the installation. It’s like their friends said about their own pond, it really is life-changing.

The couple wonders about their friend’s pond building project in Nashville and what it was like.