How To Best Water Plants That Are Outside So They’re Healthy

Find Out How To Best Keep Your Nashville Lawn And Plants Green And Healthy This Summer
The best way to water plants is near the roots

You can learn how to best water plants. This includes how often, how much to use, the best time of day to do it, and 2 great watering devices you can use.

Find the answers in the post below-

Save The Environment, Save Our Money

“We have to lower our water bill this summer,” says Amanda.

James laughs a bit and nods. “You’re right, we really do. It was waaayyyy too high last summer. What do you have in mind to make this happen?”

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Amanda frowns as she thinks. “We should probably change how we water our plants and maybe even what we use to do it. I’m going to look up how to best water plants on Google and see if I can find any answers there. That’s how I found those 3 low maintenance plants.”

She gets out her phone and does just that. After some searching, here is what she finds-

How To Best Water Plants That Are Outside

For established plants, you’ll want them to get about 1-inch of water per week. An inch of water in one deep watering encourages deeper rooting, which leads to stronger, healthier plants. Shallow, frequent watering leads to shallow root systems and high water loss through evaporation.

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Watering once a week also fits well into most municipal water restrictions. With shallow watering, such as light and frequent sprinkling, you actually end up wasting quite a bit of water and still don’t meet the needs of your plants.

The Best Time Of Day To Water Your Plants

The best time of day to water is early morning before the temperatures begin to rise. This gives the plants a good supply of water to face the heat of the day. Early mornings also tend to have lower wind speeds, which reduces evaporation.

If watering cannot be done in the early morning, very late afternoon is also satisfactory. You’ll want to make sure it’s early enough that any wet leaves dry before nightfall. This helps avoid fungal diseases.

If possible, choose watering methods that will not wet the leaves (such as soaker hoses). This allows for late evening watering.

2 Great Devices For Watering Plants From The Bottom

While a lawn sprinkler may be a good method for the lawn, it may not be the best way to water a vegetable garden. Pick a watering device that matches the needs of you and your garden.

Root feeders have become popular for watering trees and shrubs. You’ll want to place it further from the trunk and only 12-18 inches into the soil. This is where the roots that take in water are found.

Soaker hoses are one of the best ways to water plants, especially vegetable gardens and flowerbeds. They allow water to weep out gently over the entire length of the hose. The benefit of using these hoses is that the leaves are never wet, lowering the possibility of diseases. The water goes right to the root system and very little is lost to evaporation.

Soaker hoses must be left on for a length of time to water deeply. 1-inch of water penetrates about six inches in clay soil. Let your hose run for a while, then dig down with a trowel to see how deep the water went. If it is less than six inches, the hose needs to run longer.

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“So this is how to best water plants that are outside. Ok, let’s see what we can do about getting these items and making it happen,” says Amanda excitedly. But before that, she decides to look around the website a bit more and see what else she can find.