JVI Secret Gardens is committed to a safe and healthy workplace for both our patrons and our employees. While we will reopen for business as planned on March 17th, we are asking any employees that are not feeling well to remain at home and would kindly ask that any potential customers with flu-like symptoms also stay at home until these pass.

We do have disinfectant wipes for anyone wishing to wipe down carts and will also frequently disinfect areas that are consistently touched, such as our doorknobs, our credit card terminals, and restrooms.

We will also offer car service to any individual who would like to make a purchase while not physically coming in the store. To take advantage of this, simply call our main phone line at 615-871-7338 and someone will assist you with your purchase from the comfort of your vehicle.

We often hear that JVI Secret Gardens is a relaxing retreat for many of our customers and we want to continue this atmosphere through this trying time and beyond.

We are actively working to keep our customers as safe as possible while keeping a small business and its employees afloat. We at JVI Secret Gardens certainly appreciate your support and we hope to see you soon.