We last left you with a front yard project we completed in the hip area of Edgehill, located in East Nashville. We were able to transform the front yard with new landscaping and a new water feature but we also got to make over the backyard as well.

5306As previously stated, this client found us via Facebook and was eager to redo her yard – front and back. The client wasn’t pleased with the boxwoods that surrounded the backyard and wanted them replaced. Also, a birdbath-style water feature
proved difficult to level and gave her dogs a convenient place to dig. So we came in to fix those problems!

5309We started by completely removing the existing water feature (out with the old and in with the new!) We installed a pond-less water fall that was reminiscent of the client’s mother’s home in Gatlinburg, TN and were even able to use some of the rock she had from the East Tennessee property. This source of an easily-maintained sound of water makes the pond-less waterfall a lovely addition to any backyard. The berm created by the waterfall was filled with a variety of shade plants. Additionally, an outdated smoke bush that wasn’t performing well was replaced with a Japanese Maple to create a cohesive look and space.

The client’s backyard was the initial source of the call. After meeting with our team, however, she decided that the entire property needed a facelift. We began with the front yard and then completed her backyard, giving this customer a total 180 in landscaping and water features for her home.

The backyard work took approximately 2 days with a $7,000 budget. As we kept continual contact with her in the front yard portion of the project, her trust in us grew and we were able to offer suggestions we felt were fitting for her space.