Nashville’s booming and the historic Germantown district north of town is following suit. This hip section of town boasts a combination of historic buildings and newer townhomes like this project. Referred to us by a Facebook community suggestion, we found out that the client had some unfavorable experiences with other companies so we stepped up to the plate.

The clients were a young professional couple who had moved in approximately 2 years prior to the job. Their backyard was a blank slate and, since the gentleman mentioned he enjoyed spending time outside, they were ready for us to help them make that backyard a retreat.

Our team removed the existing sod and graded the soil in preparation for mulch. The customers came into our garden center and picked out a mix of sun and shade perennials which afforded a variety of textures and colors and low long-term maintenance.

To abate any concerns caused by prior experiences with other customers, we ensured both parties in the household were consulted and well-informed in the decision making process. Keeping communication clear while following through with proposed timeline eased the customers’ concerns and yielded a pleasurable experience for both sides.

This job took our team approximately 1 day to complete and cost about $4600. At the end of the day, the client was extremely pleased with his new retreat and his experience with JVI Secret Gardens. We were pretty happy with the results, also.