4 Other Garden Centers People Love In Nashville Tennessee

The best garden centers in Nashville, Tennessee include Bates Nursery, Flowers’ Farm, Hewitt Garden, and Moore & Moore. All of these garden centers have quality plants and flowers, great gardening materials, and knowledgeable team members.

Everything is brown…flowers are wilting…not a green thumb…can’t make it grow…

These are the thoughts every gardener has had or will have at some point in their life, like my friend Luanne. She goes out and gets a few beautiful plants to help make her yard look amazing, only to have them start dying in less than 2 weeks.

She always thinks she is to blame (she isn’t).

Of course, this could be because she is getting her plants and supplies from big box stores (ahem Home Depot) instead of a real garden center.

JVI Secret Gardens garden center in Nashville Tennessee

The differences are in the quality of the plants, materials, and team members.

Garden centers rely on plants and gardening materials for income so they tend to be higher quality. Their team members need to specialize in this field so they can be better than big box stores. Plus, garden centers tend to carry plants and materials big box stores don’t.

If you want the best you need to go to the best, like Luanne now does (she’s pretty happy about it too).

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Bates Nursery & Garden Center

Bates Nursery & Garden Center started out in a “hot house” for growing plants the Bates family built by mortgaging their house in 1932. Now they do so much more than sell plants, and they do it all to make your yard look amazing.

It is good to note that they only sell container-grown plants. According to them, this is ideal for helping to meet their customer’s needs.

Flower Mart by Sunrise

Herbs, veggies, flowers and more await you here at Flower Mart by Sunrise. You can find a wide variety of flowers which they will happily arrange into a bouquet for you (or you can get a premade one). They even have delivery for their flowers if you can’t do it yourself.

Their friendly staff is knowledgeable and want to help you succeed in your garden and flower aspirations.

Hewitt Garden And Design Center

Bill Hewitt started his garden center waaayyy back in 1985 and it is now a successful business. They have everything from tiny succulents to full grown trees! The variety is wide and the team members are usually helpful and knowledgeable.

This family-owned venture also does landscaping projects.

Moore & Moore Garden Center

This family-owned garden center in Nashville seeks to provide a great selection and experience for Nashvillians. They started out small, selling mainly color and bedding plants. Now they have a huge greenhouse full of plants.

Today it’s still a family-run venture.

Did We Miss Anyone?

We would love to know which garden centers in Nashville are your favorite, even if they aren’t on here. You can give us your opinion in the comments section below.

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