Beautiful Fountain Restoration And Remodel In Franklin, Tennessee

Clients Call Us Out To Fix Their Fountain And Add Onto It So They Can Finally Enjoy It
Completed fountain with basalt column fountains in it

It’s always frustrating when something you love doesn’t work. This is especially true when it’s supposed to be enhancing your life and instead, it’s doing the opposite.

In this post, you can read about how we fix a leaky fountain and give these people a good customer experience. You’ll also discover how long it took and what it cost.

Not Again!

“Our fountain is leaking onto the patio AGAIN!” says James angrily.

“What?! Ok, this is ridiculous,” sighs Amanda. “We can’t keep this up. It might be time to do something a little more extreme to fix our fountain.”

James frowns and snorts. “I agree. This is supposed to help us relax on the patio and enjoy our retirement, not cause stress like we had when we were working. The process for getting it was stressful too with them messing up the timeline and all.”

Amanda pulls out her phone. “Look, I got a recommendation for a pond contractor called JVI Secret Gardens. Let’s see if they can fix our problem.”

The couple explores our website and learns about us. They decide to give us a call. We talk with them about what they want from their fountain, what the problems are, and some possible solutions.

What The Couple Wants

Together, we create a beautiful vision for their new feature:

  • Sealing the leak permanently
  • Mongolian Basalt columns
  • A rock bottom for the basin
  • 3 LED lights, one for each column

The Process For Getting A Quality Fountain

Our team arrives at the couple’s home on the scheduled date and time.

We go on a pre-job walk-through with our clients. This is to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Then, we get to work.

We were able to overcome the leaky brick by putting in a rubber liner and utilizing AquaBlox. These help retain water and fill in the bottom more. They’re also strong enough for the next part of the project…

We install Mongolian basalt columns on top of the AquaBlox and fill the basin with the existing stone. The client asked us to buy the stone from a local supplier. The columns add formality and depth to the water feature, along with the peaceful sound of bubbling water.

In the end, we took our clients on a final walk-through to make sure it exceeds their expectations. The couple is now ready to enjoy their hard work and begin their semi-retirement.

How Long It Took And What It Cost

It took 1 day for our guys to finish the project. It cost $4,000 for the labor, new materials, and additions.

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