We recently got a call from Franklin – more specifically, the community of West Haven, regarding a fountain restoration project that needed our help. Located south of Nashville, the historic area of Franklin, TN is a gorgeous area of town populated by professional football players and music stars. Sourced from our website, the semi-retired couple called us to help with a fountain problem that left them frustrated due to bad experiences and a faulty fountain.
We were happy to answer that call.

As part of the client’s retirement plan, the couple had always wanted a formal fountain on their patio so they can relax and enjoy their backyard. However, their previously-contracted water feature resulted in miscommunicated timelines and a fountain that leaked on their beloved patio.

Utilizing the existing structure, we did a little Aquascape makeover. We were able to overcome the leaky brick by putting in a rubber liner and utilizing our AquaBlox, which are extremely durable and able to hold the next phase of the makeover. We installed Mongolian basalt columns on top of the AquaBlox, filled the basin in with the existing stone, which was purchased from a local supplier, per the client’s request. The columns added formality and depth to the water feature, along with a peaceful sound of bubbling water.

Capping off the project, we installed a standard, 3-watt light kit in addition to three inline LED lights, one for each basalt column, to illuminate the beauty within the million-year-old stone.

The entire project took our guys a day to complete and came in at the $4,000 price point. Communication with the client is always key, but when we’re remedying a previous bad experience, communication takes on a new dimension. The couple is now ready to enjoy their hard work and to begin their semi-retirement in the gorgeous area of Westhaven in Franklin, TN…all with the benefits of a peaceful, watertight fountain that has now been built to their satisfaction.