4. Walk-Through With Derek’s Team

This is sometimes in order, but not always. Introduction to Foreman Exchange contact information Set project timeline Learn More About Step 4 After you’ve paid your deposit, Derek gathers his team – Corey and Travis – for a pre-job walk-through. Bringing out the foreman, Travis, allows everyone to meet and establish contact to [...]

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3. In-Home Consultation (1 hour)

Discuss details of the project in depth providing you with valuable information that is exclusive to the consultation Goals, problems, expectations, regulations (e.g., HOA) $200 to $500 Consultation Fee depending on the scope of the project (credited towards project) After the consultation, if you would like to continue with the job, we ask for [...]

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1. Initial Call With Derek (30 minutes)

FREE over-the-phone estimate Discuss expectations and ideas Learn More About Step 1 The first step is talking with Derek! He’ll ask questions about the size and scope of your project and questions like, “What do you want to achieve with this job?” as well as the just-as-important, “What are you hoping to avoid [...]

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2. Send Pictures Of Your Space

Learn More About Step 2 In order to provide you with an approximate estimate of the time and cost of your project, we’d like for you to send us some pictures of your space; that way Derek – our landscape and pond guru – is able to gain a better understanding of the project. [...]

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