Fall Vegetables For Gardens: 5 Delicious Nashville Veggies

You can plant these 5 fall vegetables for gardens during the summer so you can have a wonderful fall harvest. Romaine lettuce, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, and kale can add a delicious new dimension to your yard. Not only are they great for eating but they can also add spots of color to your landscape.

You can take a closer look at these plants along with Jessica as she searches for the best fall vegetables for her garden.

“I think that should just about do it!”

With her list finally complete, Jessica can now start looking for the fall vegetables she will be planting. She knows what they look like and some of their features too (it’s all on her list).

Romaine lettuce and other fall vegetables for gardens

Now she’s heading to a nearby nursery that got in some new fall vegetables for gardens recently.

Jessica grabs her purse and puts the list in it. She wants to have it so she can remember the notes she wrote down. She walks to her car, gets in, and heads out to JVI Secret Gardens to see about some fall vegetables.

A short drive later…

Jessica arrives at the nursery and walks inside. Now she is in her element. As she’s walking around she finds the first plant on her list.

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1. Romaine Lettuce

“This will be perfect for salad!” she thinks happily.

Romaine lettuce is one of the best fall vegetables for gardens

Salads are her favorite meal and there’s nothing like Romaine lettuce for the base. Jessica checks her list to see what she found out about Romaine lettuce:

  • The best time to plant them indoors is early to mid August
  • They continue to grow out in the garden during September
  • They love full sun areas and well-drained soil.

Jessica smiles, looking forward to the early morning harvesting and a beautiful, crisp salad for lunch. She takes a few and puts them in her cart.

“Oooo and for dinner we can have some of this next fall vegetable! Hmm, but will I stuff it or bake it in with other veggies?”

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2. Winter Squash

“So, should I get the bush or vine kind of squash?” Jessica wonders

She catches a team member walking by and asks them. “Well,” they respond, “If’n you have a smaller backyard th’ bush variety is better because it’s smaller. They’re harder t’ find than th’ vine ones if’n you’re lookin’ for winter types.”

Growing squash because it is one of the best fall vegetables for gardens

Jessica thanks them for the help and looks at her notes for winter squash:

  • Takes 3+ months to be harvest ready
  • Full sun and well-drained soil
  • Eat stuffed, not baked in with other veggies

“Duly noted on how to eat it,” Jessica murmurs to herself. “Oooo they have tomatoes too!”

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3. Tomatoes

Jessica excitedly walks over to the tiny tomato plants.

“They’re so cute! I can’t wait to see them ripening in my backyard.” She has a soft spot for tomatoes. The way they crunch and burst with flavor makes them one of the highlights of any salad.

Growing tomatoes as a fall vegetable for gardens

“Let’s see, what did I jot down about tomatoes,” she says, pulling out her trusty list:

  • Full sun and well-drained soil
  • Many varieties
  • They may need a support system to keep them standing

“These tomatoes are worth a little extra work. I like the small ones in my salad and my husband likes using the big ones for his sandwiches,” Jessica thinks with a smile.

She looks down to see which fall vegetables for her garden is next.

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4. Cucumber

“Excuse me, could you point me towards your cucumbers?”

The team member instead walks her over to where the cucumbers are and asks if she has any other questions. Jessica doesn’t, so the team member politely excuses themselves.

Growing Slicer cucumbers as a fall vegetable for gardens

She looks down at all the little plants and wonders how big she can get them to grow. According to her notes she doesn’t want to let them get too big though:

  • Choose the Slicer variety for salads
  • Full sun and well-drained soil
  • Harvest before they become too big

Now she only needs to find the last, and potentially healthiest, fall vegetable for her garden.

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5. Kale

“Eat kale and you’ll be hale” Jessica rhymes to herself.

She really does love kale. It’s very healthy, quite tasty, and can be used in so many ways. They aren’t that difficult to grow either.

Kale as one of the healthiest fall vegetables for gardens

Jessica takes out her trusty notes yet again and takes a look at the kale section:

  • Can continue growing below freezing
  • Don’t pick the main bud when harvesting
  • Harvest when the leaves are about hand-size

Jessica can feel her excitement growing as she looks at all her soon-to-be vegetables. Her fall garden is going to look (and taste) amazing.

All she needs to do now is get them home and start preparing! All of these fall vegetables for gardens are going to make delicious meals for her and her family.

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