Fall Planters: 3 Parts To Creating Your Flowering Fall Decoration

Create Amazing 3-Part Fall Planters For Your Nashville Home

Fall planters are an amazing way to make your home stand out. You can create your own special fall planter that shows your personal style. We recommend having 3 parts to your planter to make it stand out a little more: a thriller, a filler, and a spiller.

Let’s go along with Teresa as she creates her fall planter.

“Pumpkin spice lattes, the changing leaves, and new fall plants!” Teresa says, voice ringing with excitement.

“Speaking of which, I’m having my pumpkin spice latte and seeing the changing leaves while driving to get some new fall plants,” she thinks with a satisfied smile.

One of the best garden centers for making fall planters

Teresa pulls into her favorite garden center in Nashville, the same one she’s been going to for years (it’s 1 of the 5 best). She walks inside, throwing away her now empty coffee cup as she does. With both hands empty, she is ready to make her yearly fall planter.

But Teresa doesn’t like doing it alone so she always finds a team member to talk with and give her suggestions. “They also know what’s in store just a little better than I do,” she thinks as she spies her soon-to-be partner.

“Hi Lynda,” she happily sings. “Will you help me make my yearly fall planter?” “I’d love to,” Lynda beams.

Creating A Fall Planter

“So our 3 parts are thriller, filler, and spiller,” Lynda begins.

Check out the video below for planter ideas and more.

“Thriller is what we call taller plants, the ones we use to show a little texture. You can use these boxwoods or one of these ornamental grasses. Filler takes up the center area and adds a little color by using plants like mums and pansies. Spillers are the vines that spill over the edge.”

“Ah,” Teresa begins, “seems like you know your stuff too. Let’s start with the thriller and go from there.” “Sounds like a plan, Teresa,” Lynda responds.

Teresa’s Thrillers

“I think for the thriller I’ll go for one of the ornamental grasses,” Teresa starts.

“Oh yes, that’s a great idea. Add in some texture first,” says Lynda. “How about Juncus, that ornamental grass over there?” Teresa eyeballs her options for a few moments before nodding and picking out some Juncus and an English Variegated Boxwood. 

“The Boxwood should stick around for a long time, plus it can blend with a lot of colors,” Teresa explains. 

Juncus and Boxwood are great thrillers for fall planters

“I love it” Lynda replies, eyes shining. “Quick, easy, and it’s off to a great start! Plus it’ll be a great backdrop for the Juncus.”

A Few Fillers

“I know I want some pansies, but I’m not sure about the color scheme,” Teresa says, deep in thought.

Pansies are great flowers for fall planters

“Since pansies like colder weather and tend to hang out for longer, why not some cool winter blooms? Purple, blue, and so on,” replies Lynda.

“That’s a great idea!” Teresa continues, “What else blends with those colors but is still special…” “How about this ornamental kale?” Lynda says, presenting a purplish plant. “Oooooo I like that a lot,” Teresa trills. It sits perfectly next to the pansies.

A Single Spiller

“The last one is spiller, Lynda. Let’s take a look at what you got!” 

Lynda leads Teresa over to the “spiller section” and walks around with her, talking and answering questions. “I’ve made my decision,” Teresa says decisively. “I’ll finish off my fall planter with this Variegated Ivy.” She picks some up and adds it to her cart.

She and Lynda walk up to the cash register, still talking about different ideas for fall planters. Teresa pays and they part ways so Teresa can assemble her fall planter at home.

Her fall planter looks amazing, check it out for yourself in the video near the top of the page (it’s the second planter Lynn shows).

Characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional.