The Secret Garden To Your Success

You can learn all about garden centers right here!

A garden center is like Ikea for your yard. It is full of plants, decor, furnishings, and best of all: potential. At any garden center, you should be able to find amazing products in:

  • Seasonal plants
  • Hardy plants
  • Garden decor & pottery
  • Soils, fertilizers, and tools
  • Seasonal goods

You can read on for a deeper look into what you can get in these categories and watch this video to see some of the options:

Seasonal Plants

You can find many plants to beautify your yard with, anything from tropical to cactus and in between. Some of the more popular types include:

Beautiful Boston Ferns hanging together

Boston Fern

This beautiful seasonal plant has beautiful, arching green fronds going in all directions. Whether it’s placed indoor or outside, Boston ferns:

  • Work best in humid, shadier areas
  • Need constantly moist soil
  • Need to be brought indoors during winter
Purple violas all in a row


Violas are a beautiful cold weather flower that comes in a variety of different colors. Violas are seasonal plants that:

  • Work best in sunnier areas
  • Need constantly moist soil
  • Grow between 4-6 inches

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Hardy Plants

These plants were made for extreme temperatures. Well, usually just cold or hot and not both. Whichever way you choose, you can create a beautiful yard with:

Pink pistachio hydrangeas


Hydrangeas come in a wide variety, in color and hardiness. Most of them, however:

  • Can have their color adjusted based on the soil
  • Prefer partially shaded areas
  • Are best planted in fall or spring
Multiple types of sedum plants


Sedum plants are perennials, meaning they’ll come back year after year. They have even more great aspects, like:

  • Coming in a rainbow of colors
  • Hardy and drought tolerant
  • Loving sunlit areas

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Garden Decor & Pottery

Pottery, windchimes, birdbaths, and more await you at a garden center. You can find some amazing new features for your garden such as:

Natural green and brown bird house

Bird Houses

Birdhouses can bring so much beauty to your garden. Whatever type of birdhouse you get should help you be able to:

  • Watch different colored birds brighten your garden
  • Hear birdsong in the breeze
  • Provide a home for baby birds in the spring
Multiple types of sedum plants

Plant Pots

Clay, ceramic, and other styles await you! Whichever you choose, they should help you:

  • Bring color and beauty to your home, inside or out
  • Grow plants of many varieties
  • Be proud of your garden

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Soils, Pottery, And Tools

You can find anything you need to care for your amazing garden right here. Whether it’s caring for the soil or the actual plant, you deserve the highest quality goods such as:

Natural green and brown bird house

Hose Nozzles

It may seem less important than other aspects, but consider what you can do with a good hose nozzle:

  • Water plants way in the back
  • Use different sprays for different plants
  • Save money with a nozzle that won’t leak
Plant food and fertilizer

Happy Frog Plant Products

This is a high-quality product great for gardens of any kind. With these products you can:

  • Have healthy, beautiful plants
  • Feel proud every time you look outside
  • Create your perfect garden

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Seasonal Supplies

You can find anything you need to care for your amazing garden right here. Whether it’s caring for the soil or the actual plant, you deserve the highest quality goods such as:

Small Pumpkins In Basket At JVI Secret Gardens


Fall just isn’t the same without pumpkins decorating your home! You can enjoy:

  • The full look of fall
  • Carving Jack-o’lanterns with friends and family
  • Decorative Jack-o’lantern pots

Make The Most Of Your Garden

Use your local garden center to find the best ways to enhance your yard and home. Have fun trying out new plants, decor, and design ideas to see which best reflects you.

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