The True Cost Of A Quality Koi Pond In Nashville, TN

Find Out What A Koi Pond You’ll Love Can Cost In Nashville, Tennessee
The cost of a koi pond changes based on size like this larger one

The cost of a koi pond that looks natural, works wonderfully, and doesn’t leak can run from $8,000 to over $100,000. It depends on what kind of pond you want.

You can find out what changes the cost in the post below-

What’s Wrong With Cheap?

“Cheap is cheap for several reasons, none of them good.”

Mary looks over at Joe as they walk around their neighborhood. “What do you mean? If it doesn’t cost as much then you don’t have to spend as much money to get the same thing. Sounds like a win to me.”

Joe stops dead in his tracks. “You can’t be serious?! My dad always told me you get what you pay for, and that saying still serves me well.”

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“Well, what’s the difference between a cheap pond and an expensive pond besides the price?” Mary asks over her shoulder. Joe gets out his phone and searches ‘costs of koi ponds’ on Google.

He walks to catch up to Mary and show her what he finds-

The Cost Of A Koi Pond

The cost of a koi pond is anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $100,000. It all depends on the quality and features you want. A plastic tub in the ground with fish and plants is cheaper while a well-designed pond ecosystem with additions will be in the thousands.

The cost of a koi pond is worth it when it looks this good

“Well, yeah it’ll be the definition of ‘cheap’ if we get a plastic tub for a pond,” Mary points out. “We can still spend a few grand and get a decent koi pond.”

Joe runs his hand through his hair as he thinks. “It’s more than the pond itself that causes the cost of a koi pond to change.”

What Can Cause The Cost To Change

Who you hire to build a koi pond can change the cost in a lot of ways. A general landscaper will probably build you a koi pond for less money. Then again, they’re also a general contractor, not a pond professional.

We’ve had to restart or finish several pond projects general landscapers left behind

“So if we hire cheap then we’ll likely get a cheap pond. Look at what a cheap koi pond can be like.”

Cheap koi ponds can look like this

“If we get a cheaper pond it’s highly likely we will want to make it look better at some point. That means hiring someone else to basically redo our pond. Plus, pond pro’s come with all sorts of other benefits,” Joe tells Mary.

Mary nods to herself as her pace slows. “You have some good points there. But what about maintenance costs?”

The Cost Of Maintaining A Koi Pond

There will be a rise in your water bill, though not by much. The water in the pond circulates and is filtered as it does.

You will need to do a deep clean every few months or so. Cleanouts start at $600, though that is for basic ponds.

“And as for time, all we need is maybe 15 minutes a week to check the skimmer filters and clean them out if we need to. It’s easy and usually just has sticks or leaves in it,” Joe finishes.

Show Me The Proof

The couple’s house hovers into view. “Show me a koi pond project that shows us how they build one,” Mary says. Joe smiles, knowing now that he has her interest they are one step closer to having a koi pond in their backyard.