The True Cost Of A Koi Pond Of High Quality In Nashville, TN

Find Out How Much You May Have To Invest To Build A Koi Pond And Maintain It In Nashville, Tennessee
The cost of a koi pond changes based on size like this larger one

The cost of a koi pond ranges from $8,000 and higher. These koi ponds are different because they’re low-maintenance and natural-looking.

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What’s Wrong With Shopping Based On Price?

“For some things, sure shop based on price. For koi ponds and big purchases, no way,” says Amanda.

James sighs. “But we can get a koi pond for just a few grand, why do we need to spend more than that?” Now it’s Amanda’s turn to sigh. “Cheap koi ponds don’t look as good and they always have problems. Paying to fix those will make it more expensive in the long run and it’ll be a pain.”

James’ eyebrows rise. “Wow, I hadn’t thought of it like that before. It’s like buying an old car for cheap vs a newer car that costs more. The older one will burn out and barely work. The new one should be fine.”

“Exactly! Now, do you want to look up the cost of a koi pond on Google? We can see how much a quality koi pond costs,” asks Amanda. James nods and gets out his phone.

After some searching, here is what the couple finds:

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The Cost Of A Koi Pond

The cost of a high-quality koi pond is anywhere from $8,000 to $100,000 and up. Ponds like these look natural. They’re also low-maintenance because they are ecosystem ponds. Low-quality koi ponds can be as little as $2,500. 

The cost of a koi pond is worth it when it looks this good

But these low-quality ponds are more of a pain than anything. They don’t end up looking that great, they don’t work as well, and they have something go wrong with them all the time.

Cheap koi ponds can look like this

What Can Cause The Cost To Change

The biggest factor is the size of the pond. Bigger koi ponds cost more because they take more time and materials to build. Some ponds also need larger equipment to dig out. Unique shapes can also change the price.

Medium size pond with landscaping

One of the other big price factors is add-ons. People start with a simple pond but add things like underwater lighting, plants, fish, extra filtration systems, etc. They do increase the cost but it’s worth it!

The site of the pond can also change the cost. Buried lines and pipes, tree roots, and other site issues can increase the workload and thus the cost.

Beautiful new pond

Then you have the after installation costs of a koi pond. You may want to do some landscaping to help blend the pond better into your yard. Your water bill will go up too, but not by too much. The water in the pond is circulated and filtered. If your bill does go up by a lot you may want to check your pond for leaks.

You’ll also want to pay someone to come maintain your pond a couple of times a year. Maintenance involves full cleanings and check-ups. Cleanouts for basic koi ponds can start at $600.

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“Well, if it’s easy to take care of, doesn’t cause too many problems, and it looks amazing, then I’m in for getting a koi pond!” says James. Amanda smiles happily. “Great! Let’s see what else we should know about ponds.”