The Cost For Landscaping A Yard In Nashville So You’ll Love It Again

People In Nashville Are Spending This Much To Create A Landscape They Love To See, Be, And Host In
Watch this video to see the before and after of JVI landscaping a back yard

We want you to get the landscape you see when you close your eyes and start imagining what it should look like. The first step most people take is to find out the cost (which is a smart move).

In this post, you can find out the cost for landscaping your yard. You can also discover some of the main factors that may change it.

We Need A New Look For Our Yard

“Oh? And why is that, James?” asks Amanda.

“Well,” begins James, “we’ve just had the same look for so long now that it’s gotten kind of…boring. Plus, we could spice up the look with some additions like lights, maybe a retaining wall for the hill, and more!” he says excitedly.

Amanda smiles a small smile. “I love it when you get all excited like this. Ok, let’s do it! But first, let’s start with the cost for landscaping a yard near us.”

James smiles and nods happily. “I like where your head’s at right now. Then we can at least know what to budget for based on what we want. After this, we should definitely look at landscaping projects near us for some ideas.”

He gets his phone out and starts looking on Google for answers. Amanda walks over to join him so they can find out together.

Here’s what the couple discovers:

The Price For Landscaping Services In Nashville

Front yard landscaping

The cost to landscape a front yard or back yard ranges from $2,500 to $10,000 and more. This is for more complex landscaping, not just clipping the grass and straightening edges. The main factors changing the price are yard size, job complexity, plant types, and additions.

The average cost for landscaping with us is $10,000.

*We can’t do anything for less than $2,500

What JVIs Landscaping Services Include

Another landscaping project around Nashville
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Design
  • Mulching
  • Shrub removal and installation

The Main Factors That Change The Cost For Landscaping

Medium size pond with landscaping

Yard size. Larger yards usually take more time, labor, and materials to landscape. You could just have us landscape a smaller section to decrease landscaping costs. Another option is to landscape your whole yard in sections. Smaller yards can still be pricey if your project is more complex, you choose expensive plants, and include additions.

Job complexity. It’s one thing to add plants and mulch and a whole other to do irrigation or drainage. The more you have us do, or if you have us do more complex work, the higher your landscaping costs will be.

Plant types. Less expensive plants are more commonplace, though they still do a great job beautifying yards. More expensive plants are harder to find and get and thus cost more.

Additions. You can add lights, irrigation, and other additions to help you enjoy your landscape even more. It’ll increase the cost but you should love it even more.

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“Now I guess we need to do a little bit of planning,” suggests James. Amanda nods. “Yep, that way we can at least know what we want when talking to a contractor. Let’s keep digging!”