Commercial Water Features You’ll Want For Your Business

Clients In And Around Nashville Had Us Build These Water Features For Them
Commercial water feature in front of an office space

Clients like The KOA, Clay Lady Studios, and other office spaces hired us to build a water feature for them. Commercial water features will change your space.

See how they changed their space below-

Before They Walk In The Door

“That’s when we start?” asks Amanda.

James nods. “You want to make a good impression as early as possible. Water features are relaxing and beautiful. It can help people get in a good mood before they start doing business. Plus, you’ll always have it for yourself and your team.”

Amanda frowns as she thinks. “That does sound wonderful. A nice water feature with a waterfall, the sound of flowing water, a calming atmosphere…but what will it look like? Who can we trust to do it? ”

James pulls his phone out of his pocket. “One of my buddies told me about a pond contractor recently. It’s where I got the idea. Apparently, they’ve done a few commercial water feature projects around here. I don’t know about the cost of a koi pond, though. Here, take a look at some of their projects.” He hands Amanda the phone.

Here’s what she sees:

Commercial Water Features Around Nashville

KOA Resort Kid-Friendly Pondless Water Feature

This pondless water feature is at the KOA Resort in Nashville. The landscaping company KOA chose to work with reached out to JVI Secret Gardens to build a pondless water feature. They wanted a pond to help get kids back outdoors. We made it beautiful, fun, and kid-friendly.

Pond Restoration For The Clay Lady Studio

Danielle loves her commercial water feature, it’s the center of the community! But, it’s losing water and looks a little too basic now. The pumps are also using too much energy. She reaches out to JVI Secret Gardens to come and craft her pond into something even more amazing.

Huge Waterfall For Harmony Assisted Living in Mt Juliet, Tennessee

JVI Secret Gardens and NatureScapes team up to create this 24,000-gallon waterfall feature! It’s so big it can be seen from the road. It gives this assisted living space a beautiful, relaxing vibe for people driving to it.

Other Commercial Water Features

Fountainscape for a commercial business

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“These look great! A water feature like this will be perfect for my business!” says Amanda excitedly. “Let’s see what all I need to know before I get one.”