Underwater Pond Lighting Will Change How You See Your Pond

Underwater Pond Lighting Will Change How You See Your Pond Lighting Up Your Koi Pond Could Be Your Next Big Project For Enhancing Your Nashville Home https://www.facebook.com/jvisecretgardens/videos/1859753300778379/?t=62 Underwater pond lighting will make your pond experience better than you realize. Seeing your pond lit up at night is magical, [...]

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Adding Filtration to a Pond With Gravel

Adding Filtration to a Pond With Decorative Gravel Decorative Gravel Makes Ponds Happy and Healthy Having trouble keeping your pond clean? It happens to everybody. You go outside to enjoy your pond, or show it off to a friend, only to find its once clear blue water has [...]

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Nashville’s “Pond Stars”

Aquascape Pond Squad (formerly knows as Pond Stars) started as a dream from Greg Whitstock, owner of the water feature company, Aquascape. An entrepreneur with a flair for over-the-top, well, everything Greg realized that the combination of creating gorgeous landscapes, peaceful retreats, and awe-inspiring transformations orchestrated a trifecta of a good business. And great television. [...]

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