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Pondless Water Feature Construction in Nashville

Pondless Water Feature Construction in Nashville: Kampgrounds of America Kampgrounds of America wants to get kids back to nature and called JVI in for assistance When PeachTree Landscape reached out to us about building a pondless water feature for Kampgrounds of America we jumped at the [...]

Leak Detection in Your Water Feature

Hello from Nashville, TN! Today we're going to talk about leak detection in your water feature. Slight fluctuations in your garden pond or water feature are normal - evaporation and splashing can cause your waterfall or pond to lose up to 2 - 3 inches a day. Large drops in water level, however, can mean [...]

Why We Recommend Using a Skimmer for Your Home Water Feature

Ponds, waterfalls, and water features add aesthetic value to your space and, with some planning, can be easily maintained for continued enjoyment throughout the season. Low maintenance is the key reason we're fans of the skimmer! Any water feature will act as a dirt trap. Wind carries dust and debris that is captured by the [...]

The 5 Components of a Healthy Water Feature

As a certified Aquascape contractor, JVI Secret Gardens not only builds ponds, but we also do a lot of repair and maintenance work. We've seen quite a bit in the many years we've been working but there are some common denominators in "successful" water features - i.e. they are thriving environments for plant and aquatic [...]

Historic Edgehill Landscaping Project

We last left you with a front yard project we completed in the hip area of Edgehill, located in East Nashville. We were able to transform the front yard with new landscaping and a new water feature but we also got to make over the backyard as well. As previously stated, this client found us [...]

Nashville’s “Pond Stars”

Aquascape Pond Squad (formerly knows as Pond Stars) started as a dream from Greg Whitstock, owner of the water feature company, Aquascape. An entrepreneur with a flair for over-the-top, well, everything Greg realized that the combination of creating gorgeous landscapes, peaceful retreats, and awe-inspiring transformations orchestrated a trifecta of a good business. And great television. [...]

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Press Release: JVI Awarded Master Status

Nashville, TN – JVI Secret Gardens has successfully completed the qualification process to become a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor (MCAC), the highest level of certification provided by Aquascape Inc. Master Certified Aquascape Contractors are the most qualified and informed pond installers in the water gardening industry. MCACs are trained and educated to install beautiful, low-maintenance [...]

Nashville Water Features – Ponds

JVI is a Certified Aquascape Contractor serving the Nashville, TN area. Check out some videos showing the beauty that a pond, water feature or pondless water feature can add to your home or business. Then Talk to Our Certified Experts when you are ready to build one for yourself! A great introduction/primer on ponds and [...]