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Why Those in Addiction Recovery Should Get Out in the Garden

When you think about it, there are some pretty obvious parallels you can make between growing a garden and recovering from addiction. Both are slow, labor-intensive processes. You don’t make a beautiful garden without dedication, and you cannot recover from addiction without being 100% committed to it. Both begin with a seed (or an idea, [...]

All About Fall at JVI Secret Gardens!

Here at JVI Secret Gardens, we're all about making life better - whether it's installing a water feature to help you relax at home, advising you on flowers for your yard, or finding the perfect pumpkin for your kids, we want to make you smile. That's why we're going all out for fall! We're more [...]

Complete Front Yard Transformation in Historic Edgefield

We recently had the pleasure of working in the historic area of Edgefield in Nashville, TN. A fan of JVI Secret Gardens on Facebook, the homeowner followed our page, liked our look, and decided to give us a call. We were more than happy to answer! The client recently re-painted her house and trimmed back [...]

Landscaping Services in Murfreesboro

We were recently approached to perform landscaping services in Murfreesboro by a couple who were ready to trade in their cookie cutter landscape for something that would add a little more ‘pop’ to their yard. After visiting our Garden Center, this family decided to invite us out to give their home a landscape a makeover. [...]

Warmer Weather, Greener Gardens, Summer Sun!

June is here and while we've definitely had some cold spells, summer heat is on the horizon! While it's not too late to plant annuals (just yet!) it's not too early to start thinking about water retention and dealing with the hot, dry months that are to come. A few tips: Mulch your decorative plants and your garden [...]

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Landscaping Services in Old Hickory

Before We recently got a client via word-of-mouth which is our absolute favorite way to reach new clients! This particular client is friends with a long-standing customer of JVI Secret Gardens. The couple saw how we transformed their friend's yard and, having a similar "before" space, wanted a comparable refresh of their landscaping. [...]

June is Perennial Gardening Month!

While they are more expensive than their annual relatives (not THAT much here at JVI Secret Gardens), perennials are more economical because they come back to life each spring with their beautiful, colorful blooms and foliage. Perennials bloom at different various times during the season, so the key to successful perennial use is to plan [...]

Caring for your plants in the heat of August

Annuals August is a relatively low-maintenance month for flowers, but regular watering isn't the only task that will keep your garden in top shape. Keep deadheading flowers as they fade; not only will the plants look better, but if they're allowed to produce and shed their seeds, they're more likely to stop producing new blooms. [...]

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