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JVI Secret Gardens: A Nashville Hit

JVI Secret Gardens beckons to drivers traveling on busy Donelson Pike, a main traffic route in Nashville. One glance reveals its secret to success -this gem of a garden center is filled with amazing colors, the sweet scents of flowers and the gentle sounds of flowing water features. Curving pathways invite visitors to explore, as [...]

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Why Those in Addiction Recovery Should Get Out in the Garden

When you think about it, there are some pretty obvious parallels you can make between growing a garden and recovering from addiction. Both are slow, labor-intensive processes. You don’t make a beautiful garden without dedication, and you cannot recover from addiction without being 100% committed to it. Both begin with a seed (or an idea, [...]

All About Fall at JVI Secret Gardens!

Here at JVI Secret Gardens, we're all about making life better - whether it's installing a water feature to help you relax at home, advising you on flowers for your yard, or finding the perfect pumpkin for your kids, we want to make you smile. That's why we're going all out for fall! We're more [...]

Warmer Weather, Greener Gardens, Summer Sun!

June is here and while we've definitely had some cold spells, summer heat is on the horizon! While it's not too late to plant annuals (just yet!) it's not too early to start thinking about water retention and dealing with the hot, dry months that are to come. A few tips: Mulch your decorative plants and your garden [...]

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Landscaping Services in Old Hickory

Before We recently got a client via word-of-mouth which is our absolute favorite way to reach new clients! This particular client is friends with a long-standing customer of JVI Secret Gardens. The couple saw how we transformed their friend's yard and, having a similar "before" space, wanted a comparable refresh of their landscaping. [...]

Germantown Landscaping Project

Nashville’s booming and the historic Germantown district north of town is following suit. This hip section of town boasts a combination of historic buildings and newer townhomes like this project. Referred to us by a Facebook community suggestion, we found out that the client had some unfavorable experiences with other companies so we stepped up [...]

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Building a Waterfall in the Heart of Donelson

This project holds a special place in our hearts as it’s actually in front of our own garden center! We’ve been planning the job for a while and, when faced with a few days with a lighter workload, decided this was the perfect time for installation. We prepped by moving some topsoil and grading the [...]

Spring, Sprung, Plant!

Spring has sprung - it's time to plant! When you visit JVI Secret Gardens, the first thing you notice is the amazing burst of color coming from our wide variety of plants. Our Full Service Nashville Garden Center Carries a Wide Variety of: Annuals & perennials Vegetables & herbs Trees, shrubs & bushes Rocks to enhance your landscape design Soils and soil amendments [...]

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