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Our New Aquascapes Eco System Koi Pond is Up & Running!

We are super proud to announce that our brand new Aquascapes EcoSystem Koi Pond is up & running! Multiple waterfalls, driftwood elements, destination stone, pooling areas for wildlife & more!! Come out, pull up a chair, and let's talk about your koi pond project.

Adding Lighting to Your Backyard Waterfall or Pond

Here at JVI Secret Gardens, we're already thinking about the warmer months ahead. Which brings us to one of our favorite subjects - water features! Some may think that the final touch on your backyard water feature is fish or plants, but we like to think it's the lighting. Just imagine getting home after a [...]

Leak Detection in Your Water Feature

Hello from Nashville, TN! Today we're going to talk about leak detection in your water feature. Slight fluctuations in your garden pond or water feature are normal - evaporation and splashing can cause your waterfall or pond to lose up to 2 - 3 inches a day. Large drops in water level, however, can mean [...]

Why We Recommend Using a Skimmer for Your Home Water Feature

Ponds, waterfalls, and water features add aesthetic value to your space and, with some planning, can be easily maintained for continued enjoyment throughout the season. Low maintenance is the key reason we're fans of the skimmer! Any water feature will act as a dirt trap. Wind carries dust and debris that is captured by the [...]

The 5 Components of a Healthy Water Feature

As a certified Aquascape contractor, JVI Secret Gardens not only builds ponds, but we also do a lot of repair and maintenance work. We've seen quite a bit in the many years we've been working but there are some common denominators in "successful" water features - i.e. they are thriving environments for plant and aquatic [...]

Water Cleanliness in My Home Water Feature

Water cleanliness is just as important as rock placement and landscaping around your home water feature or koi pond. Dirty water can turn your gorgeous investment into an eyesore! Luckily, JVI Secret Gardens can supply some fairly easy fixes that, with just a little maintenance, will keep your water feature clean throughout the year. First, [...]

Winter Fish Care Tips

We frequently get asked about winter care for our water features and, more importantly, the water feature inhabitants! With cooler weather looming on our horizon, we thought we'd talk a little about cold temperatures and the effect winter has on fish. As cold-blooded creatures, the metabolism of a koi fish is dependent on the temperature [...]