The Best Way To Care For Lavender During Winter

Learn What To Do With Your Lavender Plants During Our Nashville Winters
Lavender care during winter is important so they bloom back like this

You can leave some lavender outside but some need to be brought in during Nashville winters. Water them less and do a light pruning.

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It’s Our First Winter Together!

“Will they be ok out here?” asks James.

Amanda looks up at him worriedly. “I don’t know how to care for lavender during winter, actually. I heard they do well in cold weather but also that they don’t. We should look it up on Google, see what we can find.”

James nods. “I do like them better alive. The house smelling of lavender is a definite bonus to…and you’re not listening,” he grumps.

Amanda is busy looking up ‘lavender plant care for winter’ on Google. It went well when she did the same thing for the best way to water outdoor plants.

Here’s what she finds out:

Lavender Plant Care For Winter

Newly growing lavender in pots

Caring for lavender during winter depends on the type. English lavender is fine outside in zones 5 and warmer while Spanish and French lavender is only fine in zones 8 and warmer. Outdoor lavender needs less water and maybe a thin layer of straw for insulation. Indoor lavender needs sun and air.

Outdoor Lavender

English lavender is quite a hardy plant.

Stems of lavender

You can easily care for lavender during winter if it’s this variety. It’s the most common lavender and usually fine outdoors during winter. You can add a thin layer of straw around it for extra insulation.

Be careful about watering it! Lavender grows slowly during winter and needs less water. Too much could cause the plant to die. Don’t fertilize until spring or that unused fertilizer can hurt your plant.

Prune lavender plants you’ll be leaving outside. Once you harvest the blooms you can lightly prune the newer stems. Avoid the woody parts, that can be part of the main spring pruning.

Indoor Lavender

Spanish and French lavender are much less hardy than English lavender.

They thrive during winter only in zones 8 and warmer. Otherwise, it’s best to move them indoors. They grow small, making them great for containers.

Caring for these lavender plants is a little harder. When you move it indoors make sure it’s in an area with a lot of sunlight and air circulation. Lavender likes being cool and dry. The best temperature for them is between 40 degrees and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

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“So that’s how you care for lavender during winter! Since Nashville is in zone 5 these lavender plants should be fine over winter,” says Amanda. Josh sighs in relief. “Awesome! Let’s see if there’s anything else we should know.