Building A Large Pond For Homeowners To Love In Nashville

Bryan Had Us Build A Pond As A Focal Point For His Yard Renovation In Nashville

This large, double waterfall pond was a fun project! It was fun to build and Bryan (our client) was awesome to work with. This pond is one of the first steps in their total yard renovation. You can see it and learn about Bryan’s experience in the video below.

This video shows Bryan talking about why he and his wife want a pond in the first place. It also shows our process for building this 20×15 foot pond with a 12-foot stream! A little over halfway Bryan talks about what his experience was like with us and how he feels about his new pond.

Bryan and his wife love being around water.

Everything from the peaceful sounds to watching it flow, Bryan and his wife love it. They’ve always enjoyed being out in nature. They’ll even go a little further on hikes together just to find a stream or waterfall to sit near for a while.

That’s where their new pond comes in.

Bryan had us at JVI come in and build a pond that includes a stream with 2 waterfalls for him and his wife to enjoy. It’s going to be a part of their backyard renovation which will include a patio and sunken area with a firepit. They’ll be able to see their pond from both of these places, and pretty much anywhere in the backyard (it’s a big pond).

Bryan was a little worried about maintaining the pond. We were able to help him out with plenty of automatic filtration and care options so he can enjoy his pond more and work on it less.

Now they only have to step out back to enjoy the sights and sounds of water.