Donelson waterfall installationThis project holds a special place in our hearts as it’s actually in front of our own garden center! We’ve been planning the job for a while and, when faced with a few days with a lighter workload, decided this was the perfect time for installation.

We prepped by moving some topsoil and grading the area, which contained dirt of several different consistencies. The approach on this job was a bit different in that it included etching – carving out a place for the rocks to sit – and dry fitting the boulders for the waterfall first. These steps ensure rock stability, aesthetics and optimum water flow. This job allowed us to take a bit of extra time to perfect our Jose Secret Falls – an old favorite – so that we could use our own time to hone a technique for future projects.

waterfall in DonelsonAfter the waterfall installation, our garden center staff did what they do best and laid out an amazing landscape design to complete the water feature, including several pockets for annual color. Emerald green arborvitae and several hydrangeas provide perennial foliage, and several pieces of driftwood added texture and a bit of whimsy to the overall look.

Donelson waterfall repair & installationAs is often the case in a July in Tennessee, extreme heat, humidity, and thunderstorms were factors in installation but we kept hydrated, put on our rain gear, and soldiered on. The project took approximately 3 days and cost $15,000 for the pondless water fall and $4000 for the landscape. We now have an eye catching water feature that not only showcases our art, but allows us to enjoy it for ourselves. Stop in and see it – we’re pretty proud of it!